Friday, July 3, 2015

The Magic Straw Hat - a bookwrap


Author:  Karen Jonice Bricker

Illustrator:  Valerie Bouthyette

Ages:  4-6

Unwrapping some of the illustrations for you...

About the book...

This charming tale is about a special bond between a grandma and her granddaughter, magic, and hope. The author creatively weaves her own family's Irish  history into the narrative as she shares the story of Caitie, a young girl who learns about her great-grandmother's straw hat and the adventures it has experienced.  Caitie learns that her great-grandmother came from Ireland to America and being talented and resourceful she starts selling her pies because it is the one thing she is very good at...baking mouth watering pies. Her signature "prop" was her straw hat and everyone knew who she was because of it.  She was convinced that that hat was magical so it was a constant in her attire.

Caitie proudly wears her great-grandmother's hat one afternoon and in so doing she discovers first hand the magic that is locked inside.  She learns valuable lessons about taking care of a cherished family heirloom and being responsible so that it can be protected always.  

Unfortunately, the wind picks up and whisks the coveted hat off of her head and although always in her sight it is always out of her reach.  She tries desperately to recover the treasured chapeau but to no avail.  Feeling down and broken-hearted she returns to her  grandmother to tell her what has transpired.  Will the hat be recovered?  Will the true magic in the hat ever be revealed to Caitie?  How will grandma respond to her news that the beloved hat is indeed gone?  Oh my!

This book will take the reader on a whirl-wind adventure and is a wonderful read-aloud and a compelling read for beginner readers. It highlights the importance of one's family history and the joy of having grandparents around to share that history with.   I especially loved the illustrations. They were soft and tender and very expressive.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Bricker’s talent at storytelling comes from years of practice. Bricker has always been attracted to stories about her Irish heritage, which led her to spend time creating stories for her children and her former elementary school students. “Creating stories out of the ones told in my family for generations was a way for me to teach my own children about who they are. That same love of heritage is what I’m trying to pique in The Magic Straw Hat,” said Bricker. Her penchant for storytelling led her to spend hours each evening telling tales to her children. The Magic Straw Hat is the culmination of all of those stories.
The Magic Straw Hat, currently available on Amazon and through SDP Publishing, will lead readers on a gentle journey of family experiences that are drawn from three generations of strong, sensitive Irish women. Appealing to young children from a variety of backgrounds, The Magic Straw Hat takes the reader on a joyous adventure and shows the importance of family history, culture and the honoring of heritage.

About the illustrator...

All of my creations are hand drawn or painted with passion. This gives my work life and a unique feel in today's computer generated world. 

A friend of mine (Tom and Jerry Artsit) once said that the difference between hand drawing a character and generating a computer character is that digital artwork lacks a soul....

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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