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From Chapter books to beyond......

Ok, school is out for summer, your child is bored so you suggest reading a good book. He puckers up his face and thinks of school starting .... which is definitely a no... an are you kidding look? This is when you can get really creative.  Here are some alternatives I can suggest to you that count as "reading"...

1. The Newspaper

The newspaper has many sections in it that will be appealing to your child.  There's world news, local news, ads, sports, entertainment, comics and the list goes on.  It is sure to spark wonderful wconversations too.

2. Magazines

Find out what your child is interested in and I know there is a magazine that covers that topic.  Magazines are colourful and educational. They can include puzzles, quizzes, and a whole lot more. They are a perfect gift to give as a present as they come monthly right into your mailbox.  

3. Nonfiction books

Any summer events that you attend always have "reading" components to them ... from tickets, to booklets regarding the performance, to maps that guide you to your destination.  All these are considered reading and will be of great interest to your child. Maybe put a summer scrapbook together to remember the fun summer you had. When the teacher asks your child to write a story about what he did this summer once school resumes, he can include the scrapbook and get an A+.

4.  Poetry

 "One Hundred Years of Poetry For Children" should keep them busy for a while.  Try "I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems By Cats,"  I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems By Dogs," by Francesco Marciuliano.  Ken Nesbitt has great kid's poetry books and so does Shel Silverstein.  Browse the library or your neighourhood bookstore to find a poetry book that fits your child's personality and moods and  then unleash them to read in rhyme.

5.  Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are wonderful for your kids to read.  They are full of detail, action, adventure and fun.  Boys especially love them.  

 6.  Picture Books

A trip to the library can bring loads of fabulous picture books right into your home for zero money.  Most picture books (not all!) are written at an upper elementary level of vocabulary.  Picture books are rich in text and brilliant in illustrations.  They are short and filled full of incredible stories and life lessons.  

7.  Activity books

These books are perfect for summer reading.  Lots to do, lots to learn and done in lots of different ways.  Here are some to consider.

Ages 2-5

eyePad 123

Ages 6-12

eyePad Amazing Games & Puzzles

EyePad Games Offer many dot to dot challenges, mazes and more. It's a perfect activity book for the car or restaurants.

* My Beastly Book of Twisted Tales

Ken-Ken Mania by Tetsuya Minamoto

150 math puzzles from easy to hard that are fun.

* Complete Idiot's Guide to Picture Puzzles

* Mega Mash-Up Stories

* Aliens vs. Mad Scientists Under the Ocean

These books are part novel, part activity book. You read along with the story and participate in the illustrations or dialogue. Check out the Mega-Mash-up website too. 

I hope this inspired you to get your child reading alternatives this summer.  And don't discount the wonderful opportunities there are that apps can bring to their reading experience.  Be it reading from paper or digitally generated, as long as your child is participating in the reading process, and happy, then as Martha Stewart says...."It's a good thing."  

Read on and read always!

It's a wrap.

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