Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bacca and the Riddle Of The Diamond Dragon - a bookwrap

Unwrapping today's book...

Bacca And The Riddle Of The Diamond Dragon

Authored by JeromeASF, the YouTube sensation, debuts his Bacca character on the printed page with an action-packed Minecraft adventure for all ages.

"Sky Pony Press's unofficial novels for Minecrafters are an industry phenomenon, with 1.25 million Minecraft books sold across seventeen titles, topping Publishers Weekly's and the New York Times's bestseller lists." 

"JeromeASF is an enormously popular Minecraft Internet personality with nearly 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and over 647 million views.  His debut novel is timed to release with the premiere of a brand-new animated web series based on the author's Bacca character."

About the book...

Bacca is a very loveable character.  He is big, furry and kindhearted and loves to help solve problems.  He is of rock-star status in the Overworld and many others ask his help to build their dungeons, mazes, and castles.  He has a girlfriend, Lady Bacc, and adores his coveted diamond axe, named Betty.  

One day Bacca has an encounter with a diamond covered dragon.  He has never seen the mysterious dragon around his biome before and the dragon tells Bacca that he needs his help because a precious object has been stolen in his biome and is needed back desperately  for he and his his fellow dragons to survive.  

He asks if Bacca would come and help recover that special stolen orb.  He tells Bacca that if  the challenge is accepted he will be rewarded a new weapon that is even better than Betty.  Do you think Bacca rose to the dragon's request and accepted his challenge?  Of course he did...  he's Bacca!

Bacca uses his creativity and ingenuity to craft like never before.  He must solve sets of difficult riddles and challenges that are blocking him from getting the orb back.  Can he succeed?  Is he able to achieve even more than he, Bacca, thinks he's capable of achieving?  Of course he can... he's Bacca!

The book is a great adventure for all ages.  It is targeted for readers ages nine and up.  It uses expert's knowledge of the game and an exciting plot that mirrors much of what actual people would be doing while playing the game.  The book is an energetic and action-packed digital saga.  It is perfect for reluctant readers and I am sure will be a hit with all.  

About the author...

JeromeASF is an Internet personality created by Jerome Acet, best known for his YouTube Minecraft videos and his character, Bacca.  Since it was created in 2013, the JeromeASF channel has grown to become one of the leading YouTube Minecaft channels around the world with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.  JeromeADF resides in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

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