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Bricksy - a bookwrap


Unauthorized Underground Brick Street Art

by Jeff Friesen

Unwrapping the buzz about the book...

"What happens when you put LEGO bricks and some of street artist Bankey's most iconic works together?  The answer is a whole lot of awesome."   - Huffington Post

"Freisen cleverly reimagines Banksy's world-renowned images...For Friesen, it's all about getting a good laugh."  -Mashable

"Friesen and his seven-year-old daughter June build recreations of Banksy's playful paintings out of the (LEGO) toys, take pictures of their versions which have caught the attention of art lovers across the internet.   -

About Bansky...

When Time magazine selected the British artist Banksy—graffiti master, painter, activist, filmmaker and all-purpose provocateur—for its list of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2010, he found himself in the company of Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga. He supplied a picture of himself with a paper bag (recyclable, naturally) over his head. Most of his fans don’t really want to know who he is (and have loudly protested Fleet Street attempts to unmask him). But they do want to follow his upward tra­jectory from the outlaw spraying—or, as the argot has it, “bombing”—walls in Bristol, England, during the 1990s to the artist whose work commands hundreds of thousands of dollars in the auction houses of Britain and America. Today, he has bombed cities from Vienna to San Francisco, Barcelona to Paris and Detroit. And he has moved from graffiti on gritty urban walls to paint on canvas.

About the book...

What a fun and creative book.  One that can be enjoyed by all ages.  Designed by award-winning photographer and author of "United States of LEGO" this humorous book of dioramas made out of LEGO and photographed for your enjoyment will surely be a big hit for all the LEGO lovers out there.  He and his sweet daughter, building in tandem, spoof the famous artistic talent of Bansky, graffiti artist extraordinaire.

Frisian uses 84 photographs of Bransky's  stand-out graffiti street art work, adds a quirky twist to each one which results in pure entertainment and enjoyment for all.  

"Banksy's comic characters gain intriguing new stories.  Readers will discover where Bansky's monkeys are taking charge and who the bouquet thrower star-crossed lover is. 

You've never seen Bansky like this before.  You've never seen Lego like this before.  Bricksy is a must-have book for fans of Bansky, fans of LEGO, and anyone with a sense of humour."

This book is creativity at play!

Let's do a bit of comparing shall we?

Banksy / Friesen
Quotes from Freisen's book...

"There's always hope, especially if you tie it to your wrist."

"There is no room left for dirt under the carpet."

"Forbidden love flower delivery."

Let's meet the author...

Jeff Friesen's photography has received worldwide acclaim for a diverse array of work. He has been awarded the photography world's most prestigious honors from organizations such as Communication Arts, Photo District News, and the International Photography Awards. While Jeff is known for working with a wide-range of subjects, a simple elegance weaves together all of his personal and assigned work.
Jeff’s work has been exhibited in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. His images have appeared in publications including American PhotoPopular PhotographyPhoto District NewsCanadian Geographic, and National Geographic Adventure.
Jeff’s photography has been featured on The Huffington Post, WiredLenscratchWeather.comMy Modern MetropolisABC NewsMSN.comDesign BoomTrendhunter, Design You TrustMashableBuzzfeedPeta Pixel, and hundreds of other art, design, and news sites.
Jeff is also a professional writer and won a magazine award for an article featuring his Beyond Here series. He also has two published books resulting from  toy photography projects he works on with his daughter every summer.
Jeff is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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