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The Midwife Of Bethlehem - a bookwrap


The Midwife Of Bethlehem

Authored by Shad Driggs and  Illustrated by Diane Lucas

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations...

About the book...

This beautifully illustrated book is sure to become a Christmas classic in your home.  The story is a telling of the Christmas nativity as seen through the eyes of a woman who just may have delivered the long awaited Messiah, the Saviour of the world.  

Rebecca is that midwife, always on call to help mother's give birth.  She delivered nearly all the babies in the small town where she lived for the last fourteen years, so she was very proficient and skilled.  

One day she is called upon to deliver a very special baby indeed.  She is directed to a humble stable where a young girl is ready to give birth.  A couple, Joseph and his wife Mary, have come all the way from Nazareth in Galilee for the census. The dimly lit room reveals the young man trying very hard to comfort and console his wife who is already in labor.  Rebecca and her assistant Rachel kneel by this mother-to-be and help her deliver a newborn son.  

After the delivery Rebecca tends to the baby's care. She anoints his eyes with oil to clean them, as is the custom, and as he looks at her, she feels a quiet whisper in her heart:

"You came to the stable tonight to deliver me, but I came to the world to deliver you."

In the quiet stillness there is peace and joy and everyone knows they are part of a miracle and something very special has just transpired.  Shepherds come knocking at the stable door desiring an encounter with this anointed baby boy.  They say they were lead to meet and worship this tiny king by a host of angelic beings high in the heavens and by a glorious shining star that enveloped the stable ...  lighting their pathway right to the tiny baby wrapped in swaddling clothes.  

As Rebecca and Rachel leave they look up and...

"In the stillness, it was almost as if they could still hear, wafting on the breeze, the heavenly music of the angel choir praising God and singing, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

The book has scripture throughout and it is listed in the back.  "The Midwife Of Bethlehem" would be a perfect gift to give to your child at Christmas.  I highly recommend this book.

About the author...

Shad Driggs is a businessman who lives in Naperville, Illinois.  He and his wife, Darla, and their six children dedicate many hours in service to their church and community.  

Read on and read always!

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