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Good Dogs, Great Listeners - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes...

From the website of Charlotte's Litter: "Charlotte’s Litter, a program supported by Newtown Kindness, was founded in honor of Charlotte Helen Bacon, a young avid dog lover, who tragically lost her life on December 14, 2012 in Sandy Hook, CT. We, her family and friends, received comfort and love bestowed upon us from local Comfort and Therapy dogs. In honor of our Charlotte and the care we received, Charlotte’s Litter was founded." Funds raised support dog therapy programs.


Authored by Renata Bowers with JoAnn and Joel Bacon
Illustrations by Michael Chesworth

Unwrapping some of the illustrations...

I love the soft colour pallet and expressive looks on both the little Charlotte and her beloved menagerie.  The details are amazing and will have your child going back again and again to find more treasures embedded in the illustrations.  They are very high quality, visually pleasing and very kid-friendly.

About the book...

This is a book that you will love from the very first page.  The illustrations draw you right into the narrative and the message of the book is positive and uplifting.  

Charlotte wants to become a veterinarian but unfortunately does not like to read.  She would rather be doing anything else but read.  Her parents encourage her to open her books and read, read, read but Charlotte would rather be involved with imaginative play where she is active, engaged in her creative fantasies and having fun rather than sitting quietly reading an old book, which in her opinion, is very boring indeed.

She gets her best dog-friend Lily and her litter (which is comprised of stuffed puppies) involved in all her whimsical adventures and chaos and mayhem ensues. One such drama involving a make-shift Tae Kwon Do studio made out assorted pillows from every room in the house and lots of kicks and action results in Lily getting injured.  Charlotte and her family rush her off to the local vet's office. The vet's instructions are...

"Charlotte, Lily is going to be okay, but she's going to need lots of rest.  No running, or jumping or playing. You'll need to find quiet ways to love her and to keep her company."  

Can you think of any good ways to do that?"  Mmmmm...what could Charlotte possibly do that is quiet, engaging and beneficial to help her lovely Lily rest and heal?  Any ideas? Ahhhhh, reading is just the thing!  Will she finally become an avid reader in the transition  and realize the value of reading a good book outloud to her beloved pet? Charlotte discovers that the lovely part of reading great books is that you can have many exciting escapades in your imagination and you never even leave the comfort of your couch.  Highly recommended.

About the author...

Bowers' Frieda B. series has been awarded Gold for Best Picture Book Series by the National Moonbeam Children's Book Awards!


What would the world look like if all children dreamed big and believed in their stories? It’s that single question that defines/drives the work of children’s author and speaker Renata Bowers, and the company she’s co-founded, Frieda B., LLC. 
Author of Frieda B. HerselfFrieda B. Meets the Man in the MoonFrieda B. and the Zillabeastand Frieda B. and the Finkledee Ink, Renata created fictional children’s character Frieda B. to encourage children to dream big and believe they, too, are free to be their own one-of-a-kind, very important story. She’ll tell you she loves little more than sharing the message of Frieda and seeing a child (or adult) light up at the internalization that she/he has an inherent worth. 
“We each have this incredibly valuable story, like a lightbulb, inside us,” Renata says. “And so many of us either don’t know it’s there at all, or believe we’re not good enough or it’s too late to light it. That’s nonsense. And so, there’s Frieda. To nudge us to believe, to dream, to flip the switch.”
Building on her own dream, Renata co-founded Frieda B., LLC with dear friend Paula LaJoie to provide a growing line of books, products and services specifically created to encourage and inspire the story within.
Renata also is the author of and Good Dogs, Great Listeners: The Story of Charlotte, Lily and The Litter, which she wrote in conjunction with JoAnn and Joel Bacon of Newtown, CT, about their 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte.

Renata lives in Northern Connecticut with her husband, Dave, and their sons, Hunter and Garreth.

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