Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rosie the Raven - a bookwrap


Authored by Helga Bansch

Translated by Shelley Tanaka

Ages 5-8 years

Illustrations for you...

This is my all time favourite.  Check out Rosie's little wide-open mouth just waiting to receive worms, maggots, flies and snails!  Yum!  I just love it!

About the book...

Mr. and Mrs. Raven are waiting for their clutch of eggs to hatch.  Five eggs are nestled in their nest and finally the breakout occurs.  Strangely, four look perfectly normal but one looks vastly different. It doesn't house a baby bird but contains a tiny little girl.  Not bothered by the oddity the ravens tuck the baby birds under their wings where they can stay warm and cozy...little girl included.

It is noticed by all (Papa, Mama, siblings and visiting curious bird friends ) that this strange "little bird" is different from all the others. Although she eagerly awaits her turn for daily feedings of worms, maggots, flies and snails her caw is abnormal and she has no feathers to keep her warm.  Papa seeing her plight obtains a hat and a dress for her, to counteract her eccentricity.  Mama Raven fondly calls her, "Our little Rosie."

Her brothers and sisters take flight off into the world with caws that  are wild and harsh and feathers that are soft and fluffy.  In contrast, when Rosie's flaps nothing happens, her voice sounds pitiful and she is bare naked. When autumn arrives and it's time to migrate, Rosie  takes flight settled on Papa's back.  She is their beloved child despite her differences, fully accepted and always to be theirs.  With all the love given to her  by those around her she learns to accept herself for exactly who and what she is.  

This charming book is about unconditional love, seeing the beauty and value in someone different and accepting them just as they were created to be.  

A beautiful love story that will warm your heart.

About the author...

Helga Bansch was born in 1957 in Leoben in Styria. After graduation she attended the Teacher Training College in Graz, where she trained as a primary school teacher. From 1978 she worked as an elementary school teacher in Weixelbaum in southern Styria.

As part of a training for life and social consultant, she has worked with children with behavior problems and discovered painting as a means of expression. Since then, she paints pictures with acrylic on cardboard or canvas, illustrated children's books, making puppets, and objects made of sandstone, clay and papier-mâché. She lives and works in Vienna.

Helga Bansch won the Children's Book Award of the City of Vienna in 2012 for "The beautiful mermaid" (hippo in residence) and in 2013 for "In the Night ..." (Viennese cathedral publishing).

More information can be found on the website of Helga Bansch.

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