Monday, March 28, 2016

Goo and Spot Under the Orange Tree - a bookwrap


Authored by Elsa Takaoka

Illustrated by Catherine Toennisson

Ages 4-8

Unwrapping some fantastic illustrations...

The illustrations are crisp, vibrantly coloured, full of action and expression, and pure joy oozes out of them.  They are a perfect match to the text making this such a fun book to read and share.

About the book...

Spot and Goo learn a valuable life lesson about sharing with others in this delightful book (number three) from this talented author.  Over a year of commitment and love went into this book before Elsa decided it was time to be launched in the marketplace.  She tested her book out with special readings to real live kids to get their reaction to her work and they all gave her a thumbs up.  

Spot and Goo find the perfect fruit falling from a tree...

"Down, down, down falls a fruit that's round and sweet. 
It's a juicy orange! What a TREAT!"

One whole yummy orange is now in their possession.  I wonder what they will decide to do with it? Eat it of course!  Goo is told by Spot that dogs like oranges too so his master splits the orange in two and over the moon happy they both go in for the first succulent bite.  Ready? Here goes...

But wait... two little itty-bitty mice voices are heard pleading for a piece of the orange too.  Oh my!  Will Goo and Spot share their delectable snack with them too?  Of course.  Both halves are split equally and shared.  Happy and grateful the now foursome go in for that long awaited bite. 

But wait... four tiny ants have arrived at the orange picnic wanting some of the orange too. Will they be included in the orange party?  Of course. 

But wait... if that isn't enough a swarm of critters and kids descend upon the orange feast squealing with delight:

"We loooooove oranges!'

Goo and Spot only have one orange to share oh dear me!   They look up and see that the tree is weighted down with fresh lush oranges and a wonderful thing happens. Their problem is instantly solved right before their eyes.  Can you guess what happened?  Will all the orange fans get a taste of juicy citrus heaven?  No spoilers here, guess you will have to get the book and find out for yourself. 

Written in rhyme, this is the perfect book to talk about being unselfish and about the distribution of wealth a.k.a slices of oranges to those salivating around you.  Serve the book up with a personal succulent orange for your child and let her/him learn first hand how sweet and delicious it is to learn about fractions.  I highly recommend this book.  It is a winner for sure. 

About the author...

A country girl at heart, with fond memories of the dark desert sky, purple mountains and freshly cut alfalfa fields in her hometown of Blythe, California, budding author Elsa Takaoka puts her pen to paper and creates a fun and heart-warming story. Spinning words with natural creativity, Elsa discovered her love of language at a very early age. She then pursued a career in Speech Language Pathology and English as a Second Language until the birth of her first daughter. Reading to her own little girls sparked her whimsical journey through children's literature and dropped one more goal into her bucket list. Her dream to write and publish a picture book was achieved with Goo and Spot and The Do Not Wiggle Riddle, her first of many books to come. Currently, Elsa lives in Fukuoka, Japan with her sources of inspiration- her loving husband and their two adorable little girls.

About the illustrator...

Catherine grew up alongside her twin sister in the small city of Norris Tennessee. Together they climbed trees, and waded through creeks in search of frogs and fairies. Her love of nature and whimsy came with her when she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend The Art Insistute. Graduating with honors, and a Bachelor's of Fine arts in Media arts and Animation. She continued into her career, working as a storyboard revisionist for Big Idea Entertainment, and then into freelance. Illustrating a series of children's books written by Elsa Takaoka. Currently she's writing her own books, and working late nights in her home studio. In her free time she enjoys doll making, watching Ghibli films, swimming, and can never pass up a good cup of coffee, or a stroll through the woods.

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