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Every Day's Your Birthday - a musicwrap

Hear ye!  Hear ye!

"Every Day's Your Birthday"

A new Album is set for May Release!


By Miss Nina and the Jumping Jacks

Ages 2-6

Praise for the CD...

"Every so often an album comes along that I unequivocally love ... Think of the very best of Sesame Street-style ditties
and add a little edge." -- Babyology

"Wall to wall talent and fun."
-- Parents' Choice® Silver Honor Award review of
Miss Nina's Sha Doo Be Doop

Unwrapping the Fun...

Nina Stone, alias Miss Nina, is the proud recipient of two Parents' Choice Awards.  She is an amazing children's musician and a big hit on YouTube.  

What's the positive, encouraging message she delivers so aptly?  No matter what the day may bring you have the power to change your attitude. Nina tells us that music and movement... a little dance break to be specific... can change the whole trajectory of your day.  YOU have the power to change every ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

The CD gets its roots from the '60s and '70s pop and rock music. The styles include from old-time ukulele, pop rock of the 60s and 70s, to kid hop and rap, a laid-back jazz setting, and even down-home country sound.  Can't get any better than that can it?

Miss Nina has seen a huge expansion in growth and a loyal following emerge for the last four years due to postings on her website and YouTube channel.  The Miss Nina Weekly Video Show features Nina Stone performing sing-along, move-along songs for young children.  Several of her creative performances have gained more than 350,000 hits on YouTube.

Nina has a tender heart towards family and home and through her music has touched many lives worldwide. She especially loves her music to connect to kids (and their parents)  with special needs. I highly recommend this CD, one which will have you up and movin' , lovin' it, and asking, "One more time please?" Shake it baby (and granny too)!

Unwrapping the twelve tracks on the CD!

Every Day’s Your Birthday

This Song
My Freeze Dance
Colors of You
Up & Down
Five Little Pumpkins
(Silly) Wheels On The Bus
Sunshine Blue Skies
Every Hero
Let’s Go Home
DJ In My PJs

Unwrapping details for you...

Release date of CD:   May 6, 2016

Running time:  38 minutes

Where to buy?  iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and

About Nina...

Before her debut as "Miss Nina,Nina Stone could be found dancing everywhere and anywhere people would let her.  Nina earned a B.S. in Dance Management and spent several years dancing nationally and internationally in professional musical theater productions before embarking on a course of graduate studies in Educational Theater at New York University.  After receiving her M.A. from NYU, Nina  helped develop the curriculum for the Small Wonder program in the Early Childhood Division of The Dwight School in Manhattan, where she taught for seven years.  When not recording and touring with The Jumping Jacks, Nina is a Music for Aardvarks teacher in Maplewood and Montclair, New Jersey. Nina and her husband, Tucker live in Maplewood with their three-year old daughter, Piper.

Previous albums by Miss Nina include Sha Doo Be Doop (2013) andSinging and Dancing Together (2009).

 FYI: performance highlights...

April 16 - Brookyn Public Library, Dweck Center, Booklyn, NY

April 23 - World Café Live, Philadelphia, PA

June 16 - Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA

June 17 - Carnegie Stout Public Library, Dubuque IA

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