Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ten Kisses for Sophie - a bookwrap

"From the creator of Max and Ruby, a pitch-perfect story about an irrepressible and endearing two-year-old?"

Introducing Sophie, a spunky and sassy little mouse that you are sure to fall in love with...guaranteed!


Authored and illustrated by Rosemary Wells

Ages 0-3

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

Oh boy, oh boy, a party is on the horizon and Sophie can't wait!  It's Aunt Prunella's birthday and Sophie's mama is throwing her a family bash.  She is going to make Aunt Prunella's favorite chocolate kisses with pistachio buttercream filling. Yum! 

Both mama and Sophie don aprons, gather the ingredients together  and it's chocolates kisses on........!   They squirt, squeeze, whisk and fill until finally a birthday candle and mint green foil wrapping complete the awesome decorations. 

"There were ten kisses.  They're as beautiful as jewels."

Because they are so precious (and tempting to devour)  Sophie's daddy tucks them up high on top of the fridge so "no midnight invaders" can snatch them away. 

Sophie is uber excited and unable to sleep, so she slips into the kitchen to take a peek at those delicious morsels.  She climbs high on the countertop and takes a kiss-count once again verifying yes, there are still ten little gems all safe and sound and just where they are supposed to be. 

She is so wide awake that she decides to put her energy to good use by making lovely place cards for all the guests that will be  in attendance.  She confirms the fact that nine guests will be present at the party...  there are ten chocolate kisses...  so each invitee will receive a delectable chocolate kiss, including herself!   Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

A last minute phone call ushers another guest to the party and poor Sophie becomes so distraught that she can hardly compose herself.  Why? One more guest means they will be one chocolate kiss short.  Ten kisses for eleven guests... oh my!  

Sophie is beside herself with worry and grief.  Her tender-hearted Grandma senses her dilemma and makes everything right thus saving the day.  Ecstatic, Sophie pops her chocolate kiss in her mouth and then probably pops a grateful chocolate flavoured kiss on her beloved Grandma's cheek too. Her Grandma turns out to be a true hero in Sophie's eyes!

This is the fourth book in a critically acclaimed series by the author.   It is a subtle counting book that will resonate with toddlers and their familial relationships.  It is high quality in every respect and I highly, highly recommend it. 

Praise for the book...

"Heartfelt... Wells' signature style emanates a warmth and earnestness, perfectly depicting Sophie's emotions and Granny's tender response... A successful counting book whose celebration of intergenerational realties sets it apart."  
                                             - Kirkus reviews

"Wells's uncluttered illustrations are a perfect compement to her text, with great facial expressions, subtle detail, and pastel colors.  Verdict:  Wells gets to the heart of childhood worry in this Sophie tale.  Sure to be popular."
                                          - School Library Journal

"The artwork, created with ink, watercolor, and gouache, uses spring colors to create a cheerful look... From the likeable main character to the happy ending, the fourth book in the Sophie series is a satisfying choice for young children."

About the author/ illustrator...

Rosemary Wells is the author of many books for children, including the Max and Ruby books about the popular bunnies who star in their own show on Nick, Jr.  She travels widely speaking on behalf of early literacy. 

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