Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April 1- a mindwrap

Welcome to a brand new month starting with a day that is "April Fool's Day."  I turned on my computer and was told I am being stalked by a virus that needs to be tended too.  Therefore I am sending you a mindwrap from my iPad today with no fancy frills until I can get my Mac sorted safely.

I truly was hoping this was an April Fool' s prank but alas I think it is true.

It is also the beginning of National Poetry month so I will be featuring wonderful poems and collections for you to enjoy.  I personally love poetry so it will be a treat for me to do so.

Have a wonderful day, read lots and cheer me on as I work through this predicament and start anew tomorrow.

Leaving you with a poem from Greg Pincus....

No Fooling

I hate to be tricked. I hate to be schooled.
I hate to be pranked. I hate to be fooled.
You do the fooling? I'll say you're the worst
(If the date on the calendar's not April 1st).

Happy April Fool's Day and I know it will be happy National Poetry Month on Storywraps
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