Friday, April 15, 2016

Mad to Glad - a bookwrap


Authored by Angie Harris

Illustrated by Stacy Heller Budnick

Ages 3-7

Unwrapping some illustrations...

In the author's own words...

Why This Book?

In my experience teaching Mindfulness to children, I realized emotions, both positive and negative, require awareness. I wanted to write a short story to make children aware of common negative reactions to everyday situations. This book helps children recognize their emotions when they are happening. With guidance and practice, this internal awareness enables the child to create space between the challenging experience and their emotional and physical reaction. 

My mission is for children to recognize that anger, frustration, sadness, and loneliness are common emotions, and it is natural to feel them every now and then. This book contains simple exercises, inspired by my own Mindfulness practice, to help children increase their coping abilities. Your child will learn to transfer their energy from fear and anger into positive thoughts and actions that serve their social and emotional growth. 

About the book...

This book will be a huge asset in getting your child to focus and teaches him Mindfulness lessons in a non-critical, helpful, and interactive way. 

Mom says, "I am Good." all the time.
She says even when I make bad choices "I am always good."

"When other people make choices that affect me I feel"... and so the book highlights emotions that can be evoked inside of him when  being controlled by others. The book is created to help your child understand that he can control his life if he puts his mind to it, or mindfully.  By stopping and focusing he can find solutions to his problems and change those negative emotions he is feeling deep inside into happy, positives ones.  

An example is when your child feels lonely.  He can use a simple breathing technique to help him overcome that feeling.  He can stop and breathe deeply in through his nose and then blow the air out through his mouth.  He can still himself ....  and then repeat the process with his eyes closed time. In so doing he can imagine that he is blowing all the lonely feelings out through his mouth. He should continue intentionally breathing like this for as much time as it takes to become calm and settled inside.  After the exercise is completed and he has experienced success and peace he should repeat, 

"I am happy again."
"I am good always."

The lessons in the book include using physical movements to change negativity into positivity, using imagination and dreams to reach goals, you using praise and unconditional love to boost your child's self worth and confidence and teaching him to stay in the present moment.  

The book will help your child feel better about himself and more in control of his life which will empower him to be the best little human being that he can be. 

About the author...

Angie Harris is a mother to two brilliant boys and aunt to eight beautiful nieces and nephews. As a teenager Angie suffered the sudden loss of her beloved mother, Rosemarie. It was then she was introduced to contemplative practices such as yoga and meditation. She quickly realized the more she practiced, the more comfort she felt, even while grieving such a tragic loss.  
A decade later, Angie's sister Stephy was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Stephy fought bravely, but lost her battle in 2014. It was at this time that Angie's meditation practice turned outward, toward teaching. She wanted to share meditation with her young nieces and nephews, who are grieving the loss of their mother,  as she was once taught to do.  To learn how to deliver lessons to children, Angie attended the Mindful Schools K-12 curriculum training in 2012. The experience led to her first professional writing project. The children's meditation teachings have come to life in Angie's first book, Mad to Glad, A Mindfulness Lesson on Emotion, available for sale everywhere books are sold. She is honored to share meditation with those who grace Stephy's Place, both children and adults.

She loves being outdoors with her husband Toby and their two boys Kellen and Kieren. Her days are happily spent playing with the kids, practicing yoga, sharing essential oils, and deepening a daily meditation practice.  

    Angie is currently attending the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teaching program through UMASS Medical School in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. To learn more or to contact Angie directly, visit 

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