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You Are My Best Friend - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some best friend quotes....


Authored and illustrated by Tatsuya Miyanishi

Ages 6-8

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

Unwrapping some Book Buzz...

"The book addresses many matters related to social interactions through this moving tale and is thus an ideal classroom read-aloud! The simple story structure with its fresh and divergent illustrations can easily capture childrens attention." —Methmini Costa,

"The story of being so much happier once you start being nice and have a friend in your life make the book worth reading to your children." —Lilyn George,

“Best-selling Japanese artist Miyanishi’s . . . bold, woodcutlike spreads draw immediate attention. Strong black lines sizzle and swoop against the yellow and vermilion of his prehistoric landscape, which is studded with volcanoes and boulders. . . . Miyanishi’s writing tugs at the heartstrings.”—Publishers Weekly

“A beautiful and unforgettable tale that touches the heart.” —SLJ

"The bright, stylized illustrations that accompany the text are both poignant and powerful, supporting the story and engaging young audiences from the first page to the last." —Foreword Reviews

About the book...

 Even bullies come to a point in their lives when they need a friend.  Being a bully can be very isolating and destructive to one's self worth and phyche.  

The story begins with a massive, aggressive, Tyrannosaurus getting his jollies by terrorizing a herd of styracosauruses that live in his neighbourhood.  He corners them on top of a big cliff hoping to eliminate them by pushing them over the top but as fate has it the tables turn and he finds himself plunging over the steep embankment and landing in the ocean below.  Alas, he cannot swim and fears he is drowning. 

An Elasmosaurus sees his plight and moves forward to rescue him, extract him from his almost watery grave, and lick his wounds so that he can heal.  Tyannosaurus is so grateful and he hears the  heartfelt words coming out of his mouth for the very first time, "thank you." 

The two become insepartable and Tyrannosaurus feels tremendous guilt because he is not being truthful to his friend about who he truly is.  Elasmosaurus one day gets attacked by a nasty dinosaur in the ocean.  Tyrannosaurus bravely jumps in the water, even though he cannot swim, and rescues his friend from an almost certain death.  The two make a vow to each other right then and there.  Tyrannosaurus declares a promise to his beloved friend.  He tenderly says,  "I will take care of you and help you get better.  And we will be together forever and ever."  

Elasmosaurus concurs, "Forever and ever", and the two cling to each other and their commitment is fulfilled.  This is such a poignant element to the story that two powerful, male dinosaurs bond together and their bequeathed love for each other transcends reasoning.  

The illustrations are vibrant, bold and captivating.  They enrich the text and pull the reader into the narrative.  The simple truth is that life is much more meaningful and enjoyable if you treat people with kindness and respect and in so doing you can acquire quality, lifelong friendships. I highly recommend this book. 

About the author/illustrator...

Born in 1956, Tatsuya Miyanishi is one of the most popular children’s book creators in Japan. A graduate of Nihon University’s College of Art, Miyanishi has worked in many different media. His best-selling picture books depict a wide range of characters, from superheroes to dinosaurs. You Are My Best Friend is the second book in the Tyrannosaurus series of 13 titles that have sold more than 3 million copies in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and France. Miyanishi has won the Kodansha Cultural Award for Picture Books, as well as the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize.

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