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Hogs Hate Hugs! - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some (HUG) quotes...


Hogs Hate Hugs!

Authored by Tiziana Bendall-Brunello,  Illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello
Ages 3-5

About the book...

In "Hogs Hate Hugs!" Little Hog learns that you're never too old to appreciate the affection of family and friends

Little Hog is the cutest thing in the entire forest.  He is just a magnet for hugs.  In the morning when he gets up his magnetic power attracts Mommy Hog and she gives him a (looonnnggg) morning  hug. If he is playing on his skateboard and accidentally hurts himself Daddy Hog scoops him up and consoles him with a   (Daddy-Sized) hug.  

His friends just can't seem to get enough of him and he receives (Big) hugs from Bear, (Small) hugs from Mouse, (S - L - O - W) hugs from Turtle, (hopping-quick) hugs from Rabbit and even more and more and more hugs as his day goes on!!! Enough already!!! 

"I'm too old for all this hugging!" shouted Little Hog and he sat down and made a poster.
Then he nailed it to the Big Tree right where everyone could see it.
'HOGS HATE HUGS!" it said in big letters-and it was signed Little Hog. 
And he stomped off into the forest."  

All the animals were completely shocked when they gathered around and read the sign.  Who knew that Little Hog felt this way? Oh my! Wise Owl then spoke up and said:

"You can never be too old for a good hug!" and all the others agreed.

Little Mouse came up with the perfect idea to get Little Hog to change his mind.  Will it work?  They all agreed to give it a try and convince Little Hog once and for all that (Love) hugs are the best anywhere, anytime and always! 

The illustrations enrich the tale perfectly.  This book is a fantastic opportunity to talk about and celebrate the importance of a hug with those who really matter in your life. Share a hug right now... it will bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart because that's what hugs do.  Let the (Hug)fest begin!  

About the author...

Trained in fine art and ceramics at Camberwell College, Tiziana's eclectic glass and ceramic work has been exhibited in the finest galleries and museums in the UK, USA and Europe. Her love for animals means that she loves the little characters created by her illustrator husband, and she has been lured away from her fine art work and inspired to start writing her own children's stories.
John Bendall-Brunello has been illustrating children's books for over 25 years; his artwork features in books by authors including Dick King Smith and Martin Waddell. Tiziana and John Bendall-Brunello are the writer-illustrator team behind QED's "I Wish I Could..." series.

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