Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing - a bookwrap

Now this is not what the adorable little character in our book looked like today but I think you get the idea.  I have a great book to share with you.  I know you will love it.

"A fun-filled picture book, The Sheep in Wolf's Clothing is a topsy-turvy take on the cautionary tale for young children."


Authored by Bob Hartman 

Illustrated by Tim Raglin

Ages 5-7

Unwrapping some spectacular illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

I love when  authors take an old tale and put a brand new twist on it.  Adorable, little sheep, is bored with life.  She is tired of just hanging out, playing baaa-dmitton and to tell the truth... she's weary of just about everything in general. She wants to break out of her sheepish life and have a blast.  She hears a wolf howl in the distance and while all the other sheep around her run for cover and hide she stands alone, smiles big, and cries out... "That's what I want,":

"I want to be a wolf!"  Oh my!  

Her parents are horrified at first but when she won't give it up they work together to make her wish happen.  Mama Sheep knits her a woolly wolf suit, Papa Sheep pays for howling lessons and they send her off to Wolf School on the other side of the hill.

At first little sheep is thrilled with her new school.  She huffs and she puffs and howls to her heart's content. When lunchtime comes it is a whole different story and she is not happy:

"Lamburgers?" she cringed.  "Eee-ewe!"  

Little Wolf who is sitting beside her tries to share his lunch his mother packed for him.  It consists of  a bowl of Stu.  Stu was a farmer who has been in the freezer for ages.  Mortified little sheep declines. He then suggests perhaps she would like some chips, made from Stu's cousins.  No thanks she responds, no way!  Little Wolf is only trying to be kind because he likes her and would like her to be his friend.  Not wanting to offend him she dishes up the excuse that she is a vegetarian.  Whew! That should do the trick.

Little Wolf invites her home for dinner and assures her that veggies will be on her menu. She accepts his gracious invitation but when she enters his house a huge surprise awaits that exposes wolves for who they truly are... carnivores! Little Sheep discovers that her parents have also been invited for dinner... as the meal!   Oh goodness me!

Can Little Sheep save the day and her parents?  Will all the sheep present at the wolf dinner be turned into a tasty stew (including her), or can they all escape and find safety back home once again? 

The illustrations are amazing and utterly brilliant.  They are edgy and witty and will appeal to many.  There's a clear moral to the story for kids about how to handle being different. Your child will be engaged with both the text and especially the illustrations from cover to cover.   I highly recommend this book so please get into your LAMBorghini and pick up a copy!

About the author...

Bob Hartman is a performance storyteller par excellence. He has been entertaining audiences on both sides of the Atlantic for over 15 years with his books and performances, which bring together retellings of Bible stories and traditional tales from around the world with his own imaginative stories. His books are full of humour and insight, whilst his storytelling sessions are exciting, engaging, dynamic - and above all, interactive! He is well-known for his hugely popular Lion Storyteller books, the Telling the Bible series and the highly acclaimed picture books The Wolf Who Cried Boy, Dinner in the Lions' Den and The Three Billy Goats' Stuff.

About the Illustrator...

Tim Raglin is a freelance illustrator.  He is also involved with a children's video production company and has won a Grammy Award for Best Children's Reording, a silver medal for the New York Society of Illustrators, a Reader's Choice Award and a Parent's Choice Award.

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