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"In My Dreams" - a musicwrap


Dean Jones Releases "In My Dreams"
Release date: July 1, 2016.

Unwrappin' what's happenin'...

Dean Jones new album of 13 original new songs is full of humour and hopefulness.  It can be obtained at "" and other music retailers.

Jones, a GRAMMY winning producer and prolific recording artist composed all these songs while walking in the woods with his dog in the Hudson River Valley.  His imagination kicked into gear when he opened up his mind and these amazing songs are the result.  

"My Dreams" is a mix of various genres: pop, calypso, jazz, and funky folk. Jones sings and performs all the instrumentation.  Guest vocalists include: Morgan Taylor and Rachel Loshak, Michael Napolitano, Frances England and some kids. Giselle Potter created the dreamy cover art.  

I loved the idea that expresses these songs are "musical essays"  that raise questions and spark alternative perspectives on everyday mundane subjects such as pets, fruits, babies and people watching.  Humour and high seriousness are embedded beautifully into Jones' songwriting prowess. 

Jones himself states...

"Kids are constantly bombarded with stimuli, and I like to try to not  fill up every space in my music. I want those songs to breathe a little, allowing kids to hear some of the details and subtleties"

For information about Dean Jones and his upcoming performances, visit:

About Dean Jones and his band Dog on Fleas...

DEAN JONES - guitar, trombone, singing

Dean Jones likes blueberries, avocados, potato chips, chocolate, vegetables and pupusas. When he's not playing with Dog on Fleas he's playing music with the Arm-of-the-Sea Theatre or recording other musicians at his straw bale recording studio. In fact, he won the Grammy Award in 2013 for Best Children's Album for the album he recorded and produced for The Okee Dokee Brothers!

JOHN HUGHES - bass, guitar, singing

I love to make things - food, music, forts, and sometimes trouble. I mostly love to make things for other people. Toast anyone? On my birthday I plan to be dancing. When it's hot I'll be in the water with my family and maybe a bunch of other people. The sweetest things in my life do not get plugged in or require batteries. I love the smell of the street vendor's food in India and New York City. You smell nice too

CHRIS CULLO - drums and cymbals

Chris is the fastest drum setter-upper we know. He can also drive his drums pretty fast because he has them on wheels. Now he also has the smallest kick drum we've ever seen, so he can drive even faster.

Chris has many great qualities: he can talk with some degree of knowledge about almost anything. He has a cool family and likes to go on adventures with them. and he's the best drummer because he can drive the band along while remaining almost undetectable, or totally kick butt if he has to.

"In Your Dreams"
Track Listing

1. What Kind of Fruit?   2:33
2. Humans are Still Evolving   2:43
3. Animal Collective    3:12
4. Do You Talk to Yourself?   2:21
5. People Watching   2:56
6. Monkey C. Monkey   2:14
7. In My Dreams I Have a Dog   2:08
8. Feline   2:23
9. Oh Little Baby   2:37
10. Swiss Cheese Angels   3:16
11. Fly Like A Bird   3:02
12. Have You Ever Been Real?   2:35
13. Night Time   2.42

Wrapping up...  

As Parents' Choice noted, "Jones' writing is not only witty, but subtly raises some fairly big questions about life, in a way that may inspire deeper conversations between parents and children." (Kid) Independent calls Jones' music "extremely intelligent...and strangely addictive." I, personally, loved the whole vibe and Storywraps highly recommends it.

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