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Country Store (re-visited) - a bookwrap/musicwrap

Ahhh the good old Country Store.  A gathering place for the locals to congregate and buy all their needs in one go.  Want your mail?  No problem...the post office is here. Sweet tooth cravings?  No problem.... the candy shop just happens to be in glass bottles and bins on the counter. Want to buy a new heater or stove? Some flour? Some nails? A new dress or trousers?  No problem, step right in ladies and gentlemen because the country store covers all the basic needs of every day life.  Everything imaginable is tucked tightly on the shelves or secretly housed behind the counter.  

The store owner knows every customer by name, their address, and even their family heritage.  Gone are those good old days where you can go and hang out and meet up with your friends in a quiet, cozy, one-store-fits all location.  Yep, we have our  malls but they are missing that up-close and personal touch of the familial  Country Store.  Introducing today's book...reminiscent of those days gone by....


"Country Store"
It's all about a the journey...

Story, Song & Pictures by Tim Noah

Some illustrations for you to enjoy...

The cast

A boy with a nickel

His dog

Bob, his friend

Jim and his bike

Sally and Merrilee

The illustrations are amazing. Each page is packed full of action, emotion and details (love the details).  I went back through the book several times just to soak in the images and enjoy the book's story visually.  The illustrations are bold, bright, and super kid-appealing.

About the book...

This book is up-beat, spirited and drives the message home... that it's not about your destination, it's all about the journey.

A carefree little boy, singing a ditty, kicking a can, flipping his coveted nickel and accompanied by his beloved dog, decides to go spend his fortune at the Country Store. He sings a catchy refrain as he travels along:

We're goin' to the Country Store

Fiddley-diddley-diddley dee
We're goin' to the Country Store."

 Walking down the road he encounters his friend Bob who is busy doing farm chores.  Bob persuades him to team up with him and help him with the chores so they both can go to the store. Done deal!  The happy-go-lucky duo, free from responsibilities, still kicking that can down the road and singing that ditty, proceed to the Country Store together.

The day is blistering hot, the sweat starts pouring down their backs and their feet start slowly dragging until they think they are gonners.  Along speeds Jim on his bicycle and asks if they would like a ride or if they would rather keep on truckin' to the store? The answer is very obvious... MY GOODNESS YES!!! All aboard!!! Jim is the superhero of the day!

They both pile on to Jim's bike. Bob climbs on the back fender... Jim does the pedalling ... and the boy parks himself square on top of the handlebars.  Oh my!  The trio laugh, sing out loud and merrily continue their journey without a single care in the world making their way to the country store.  

They encounter some difficulties (which you will delight in discovering) along the way.  These friends hunker down, stick together and ride out their troubles until finally they reach their destination... the good old Country Store. 

More friends greet them on their arrival and soon they discover there is only one friend with money to buy treats.  Can you guess who that might be? The true test of friendship is sharing with others around you.  This fantastic book is about helping out friends, looking out for one another and especially sharing with them.  The message is positive and the book is very entertaining.   The CD is included which will have kids singing along and is pitch- perfect to make their journey a much happier one until they finally  reach their destination.  Yep, it's all about the journey...

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About the creator...

Whether performing heartfelt ballads, sing-a-longs, whimsy or foot stomping folk-rock, Emmy award winning songwriter, Tim Noah, has the unique ability to reach across generations and genres to captivate audiences of all ages. With the 2007 release of One Fell Swoop, hedelivers heartfelt messages of inspiration, true love, reckless hearts and wild abandon to his adult listeners in true Tim Noah style; with humor, storytelling and effervescent energy. Tim Noah warms the heart and inspires his listeners to dream and believe in the power of imagination.
Tim Noah hosted the award winning weekly seriesHow ‘Bout That and is the recipient of 8 Emmy awards for his music and television productions. He is the star of the award winning children’s special In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo!which aired on HBO, The Disney Channel, The Super Channel and on the BBC in England. Tim Noah is featured on five Christmas In The Northwest CD’s, including the soon to be released 2007, 10th Anniversary compilation, benefiting Northwest Children’s Hospitals.
 “Tim is a unique and charismatic performer with non-stop energy and enormous talent.”
ABC TV, New York

Tim has re-released "Country Store" this year (2015) with completely updated pictures, song and text.  The book is available as an e-book on Kindle,as a paperback print book, and now in stunning hardcover on Amazon.  

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