Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Watch Out for the Crocodile - a bookwrap

Hurray, hurray today's the day,
Daddy's putting his computer away.
His phone and his emails will just have to wait,
No more strong coffee, we're having a date.
A vacation! Going camping! Just him and me
We'll have so much fun, we're gonna be free!
 Got him all to myself...  oh the things that we'll see
Memories we'll make of just him and just me!


"Watch Out for the Crocodile"

Authored by Lisa Moroni and Illustrated by Eva Ericsson
Ages: 4+
Origin: Sweden

Check out these fabulous illustrations... Oh my!

About the book...

This debut book by Lisa Moroni, daughter of the illustrator, Eve Eriksson is pure delight.  It is a heartwarming story showcasing a positive and loving relationship between a very busy workaholic father and his little girl who just can't wait to be the centre of his attention.  The book celebrates the great outdoors and the power of the imagination.  

"It's the first day of Dad's vacation and they're going camping.
It's about time they did something fun, Tora thinks.   All Dad does is work, drink coffee, sit at the computer, and talk on his cell phone.
He's a very boring father."

Then they are off on an exciting adventure. First though, they have to make a stop for some groceries.  Oh my!  Tora groans because she think they should live like cavemen, living on berries and mushrooms.  Next poor Tora has to endure a car ride that goes on  and on forever!  At last they arrive at their destination, the forest.  Dad is trailing behind her on the hiking trail because he's engaged with his techy GPS which means he's missing all the fun.  

What does Tora see as she travels along? She sees a snake, (could it be a boa constrictor? or an anaconda?), a flock of giraffes stretching their necks to nibble on some leaves high in the tree, a lion laying in wait ready to pounce, a sleepy pile of sunbathing hippos all curled up together!!! DAD LOOK!! But alas, dad is on his phone and once again missing all the excitement around him.  

As they continue their hike they encounter a thick, misty fog. Tora rushes off and right into it because now she is chasing fairies because fairies love the fog. It makes them happily dance and flitter and celebrate life .  The fog swallows her up separating her from seeing dad and vice versa.  This causes major separation anxiety between the two and dad calls out to his little girl.  Luckily they are reunited once again and they attempt to cross a stream where they will stop and set up camp.  A huge surprise awaits them as they cautiously try crossing that river.  A dangerous surprise that turns Tora into a superhero where she saves her dad and the day!

This book shows us how children and adults see the world differently.  With a bit of imagination, anything can become an adventure.  I highly, highly recommend this book.

Why Gecko Press chose this book...

"It's seldom we see a book that is equally strong in plot, character development, emotion, and imagination.  This book has these things and more- including a realistic modern father/child relationship.  It's also a celebration of the natural world."  - Julia Marshall & Jane Arthur, Gecko Press

About the author/illustrator/publisher...

The Illustrator...  (R)   Eva Eriksson is one of Sweden's best-loved illustrators of picture books. She has received the Astrid Lindgren prize and the prestigious August award.  She illustrated "My Happy  Life" by Rose Laaagererantz (Gecko Press).

 The Author...  (L)  Lisa Moroni was born in Sweden in 1983, and has been writing and illustrating since she was a child.  this is her debut as a picture book author.  She is Eva Eriksson's daughter. 

The Publisher...  Gecko Press specializes in English versions of curiously good books from around the world by well-established authors and illustrators.  These books have a strong track record in their own and other countries, and are winners of international awards. 

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