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"LA LA LA" - a musicwrap



Created by Priscilla Ahn 

Release date:  October 28, 2016

What's it all about? ...

Long in the planning, the spark that brought "LA LA LA" to fruition came when Ahn and her husband, actor Michael Weston, welcomed the birth of their son in November 2015.  The album is whimsical, playful, and loving and includes a dozen tracks that  stir parental tenderness and childhood reverie.  

Priscilla is well known internationally, particularly in South Korea and Japan.  Her songs are featured on film, and TV, including the recent Studio Ghibli film "When Marnie Was There."  You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on her blog, "Girl in a Tree." 

Ethereal-voiced folk-pop musician Priscilla Ahn will release her debut album of 12 original songs for children and their grownups on OCTOBER 28.  

In her own words...

"I've always wanted to create an album for children", says Ahn.  Her new album she says is "kind of hopeful sounding and innocent and simple in its instrumentation, with songs that I feel kids can relate to emotionally and sonically. Being genuine in my lyrics and in my connection to my songs - for that to come through- is really important to me. 

It's been too long.  A lot has happened.  I had a baby.  I'm a crazy, disheveled mom now, with a new album I'd love to share with you.   And this one is super special because.... it's a children's album!  But not your typical "wheels on the bus" children's album.  These are songs I wrote, in my normal, trying-to-be-adult-like, "Priscilla Ahn" style, but with the intention of singing these messages to children.  It's still very much meant for grown ups, but also (hopefully) appeals to kids and babies! I recorded these songs in my used-to-be studio, which is now my son's nursery. (my office has exploded into a new room that needs major organizing!).  I recorded these songs while I was pregnant.  Some songs induced more baby kicking than others.  When writing and recording the album, I pictured my tiny, soon-to-be son, I pictured children around the world, and I pictured you.

This has truly been a labor of love, and a dream come true to make.  I didn't have the heart (or wherewithal) to try and raise money to make this album.  I just hope that people will buy it for themselves, and if they like it, tell their friends to buy it.  Plus!  If you're feeling super retro and decide to purchase the actual disc, there's an adorable mini lyric coloring book inside!!! "

"LA LA LA" Track List...

Body Sounds
All By Myself
Forever & Forever
Des Jeunes Filles Et Des Fleurs
Dust Bunny
Little Boat
In My Bed
Desert Lullaby

Available wherever fine music is sold! 

Wrapping up...

Ahn grew up in Pennsylvania and shared her dad's love for artists like Neil Young, the Beatles, and Pink Floyd.  She later found personal resonance in female artists Ani DiFranco, Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, and Feist. She has toured with many top-notch artists and her songs have enhanced numerous TV shows and films. 

"LA LA LA" features whimsical artwork by Ros Lee, and little listeners will be able to colour the pictures on the CD packaging. A colouring book and other other merchandise are in development, and Ahn is planning a concert in Southern California to celebrate the album release.  


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