Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Horse Named Steve - a bookwrap

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Authored and illustrated by Kelly Collier
Ages 3+

Unwrapping some awesome illustrations...

About the book...

I took one look at Steve and fell in love with him.  He is just adorable, but poor Steve has a huge inferiority complex.  He knows  deep down inside of him that he is a fine specimen but oh how he longs to be EXCEPTIONAL!  He feels however that that could never happen for mediocre, ordinary, average... him.  

Then one day while walking through the forest he stumbles across a beautiful gold horn just lying on the ground.  Steve takes one look at this bright shiny object and sees it as his ticket to AWESOME!  He scoops up his now golden crown and ties it on his head and gallops off at full speed to show his friends how AMAZING he is now.  

His friends have to admit he looks mighty fine and they in copycat fashion try Steve's fashion savvy on top of their heads.  Now everyone is EXTRAORDINARY! Such a fine group cannot be found anywhere. 

Things spiral downhill in the ego department when Steve notices his splendid horn has vanished....poof!!... just disappeared.  Oh my goodness gracious noooooooo!  He looks high and low, up and down - everywhere - but to no avail.  Steve has lost his new-found EXCEPTIONALITY but the good news is that in trying to rediscover it he actually discovers the truth -  his always-been-there, ORIGINALITY.  It's that that makes him exceedingly SPECIAL and something he can accomplish all on his own and been there the whole time!  

This charming tale about an egocentric, loveable horse is a perfect read aloud.  Collier has managed to capture the humour and wit in both text and illustrations.  The fun part is that the reader gets where the storyline is going while the main character is searching frantically for answers.  It is the perfect book to begin discussions on self-esteem, originality and acceptance.  I loved the book from start to finish and now I feel that I am truly an EXCEPTIONAL  (and ORIGINAL ) blogger,  no props needed.  Thank you Kelly Collier for inspiring me to embrace just exactly who and what I am created to be. 

Storywraps rating -  5++ Hugs! 

About the author/illustrator...

Kelly Collier has been drawing since she was little. And even went to school to study picture-making.  She says that from the moment she drew Steve  she knew he was special. EXCEPTIONAL even.  So she decided he deserved his own book.  Kelly lives in Toronto, Ontario.  She has a really nice family and a cute dog… but so far Steve is the only one who has ever stumbled across a beautiful GOLD  horn.  

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