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Milking It - a bookwrap

Hello to you... want to enjoy some cow humour?  These are going to make you smile... udderly hilarious!  Moo-ve on down the page and enjoy!

Unwrapping some smiles....


Authored by Michele Toland
Illustrated by Marianella Aguirre

Unwrapping some illustrations...

About the book...

The French Toast Adventures is a new children's series revolving around little Em and her discovery of the world around her. 

This adorable, curious, young girl lives in the small town of Little River and this morning she and her mom are going to visit a very special placed called a dairy farm. Em is about to discover the true origin of something she is very familiar with... milk!  

Em imagines that milk must come from a tree because after all her other favourite drinks such as orange juice and lemonade all do but she is soon to find out that that is not the case at all.  How it's made and where it is manufactured may come as quite a surprise to her.  

Elderly Farmer Fred greets her at the farm and whisks her off to meet someone very special ...  someone that is the prime source of why we have milk.  

"This is Milkshake, Em.   She's my favourite cow.  She always gives us the best milk ever.  Would you like to see how we get the milk out?"

Eureka!!!! Lightbulb time!!!! Milk comes from cows!!!!

Farmer Fred disappears to get Milkshake her best-loved snack leaving Em to try and figure out how in the world the milk comes out of that cow.  She studies Milkshake from head to hoof and tries with all her might to discover how that milk is brought forth.

She tries pumping her tail... no... no milk appears, pushing the milk buttons (Milkshake's nostrils) like the drinking fountain at the park... no.... no milk flows out there, and finally a tickle, tickle behind Milkshake's ears might just do the trick... no... not happening... Em was truly stumped. How does that milk come out? Oh my!

Does she ever discover on her own how a cow works or will Farmer Fred save the day and show her exactly how to extract the milk that Em loves so much.  Em gets so excited when she finds out that she decides if she adds strawberries from the berry patch and lets Milkshake lick her chocolate bar  from her pocket Milkshake might deliver delicious flavoured milk.  How cool would that be?  Will her wild idea work?  

Finally Em's day has come to an end and Farmer Fred's kind wife treats her tired visitor to a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies and a glass of Milkshake's very own milk.  What valuable lessons did Em learn from her visit to Moo Juice Dairy?  Was she happy with the results of her visit?   I think she was very pleased to discover that things don't always turn out the way you expect them too and that the truth is always more amazing than you could ever make it up on your own.  

The illustrations are bold, colourful and very kid-friendly enriching the text.  This is the third book in the series and every one is top-notch.  I highly recommend "Milking It".

Storywraps rating:  5 Hugs!!!!!

About the author...

Michele is a native Californian with a passion for smiles; in particular, bringing smiles to the faces of the little ones of our world.  She started writing at a very early age and was praised for her talent and vivid imagination.  Life took over for a while but, after raising two sons, she finally decided it was time to fully embrace the gift she was given and share the silly, quirky adventures of her favorite protagonist, Em.  She thought, “If not now, when?” and The French Toast Adventures series was born!  Now with four books in the series (and more to follow), Michele enjoys the privilege of watching and hearing of the joys her books bring to children (and their parents) all over the world.  

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