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Porcupine's Picnic - a bookwrap

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Unwrapping some porcupine quotes...

Porcupine Picnics - When porcupines get together for picnics, nobody has to bring any toothpicks.


Porcupine's Picnic
Who eats what?

Authored by Betsy R. Rosenthal  
Illustrated by Giusi Capizzi 

Unwrapping some fantastic illustrations...

About the book...

Porcupine is so excited!  He's going on a picnic.  He sets down his blanket, opens up his picnic basket, and starts eating some clover.  Well look who makes an appearance and wants to join in... a koala bear! 

"May I join you?" asked Koala. 
"Sure," said Porcupine. "Care for some clover?"

"No thank you." Koala sat with Porcupine and nibbled eucalyptus leaves instead."

Thus begins the parade of animals who come to join Porcupine and turn his picnic into a party.  Each time generous, gracious, Porcupine offers the newcomer some of his clover but each time his guests politely refuse because they have their own soul food to chew on.

Porcupine has distinguished guests appear such as Squirrel who brings his acorns, Giraffe who munches the overhead tree to acquire leaves and buds, an elegant reindeer who begins to forage for wild mushrooms, Panda who gnaws on bamboo shoots, and Baboon who swings into the party carrying a bunch of ripe bananas, just to name a few.  Everyone is having a terrific time sharing together, happy and content when along comes Tiger.... 

"May I join your picnic?" asked Tiger.  

"I guess so," said Porcupine.  
"But what will you eat?"

Ohhhh my.... wrong question!!!!!  What will Tiger eat?  He's the ultimate party pooper...  RUN!!!!!!!!!!

This book gives insight into different animal's diets and classifies "Who Eats What?  This fictional story brings animals together from all over the world and the information about their food choices are 100% true.  The animal kindgom is divided into three distinct groups depending on their food consumption: herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores. After reading the book it will be fun to put the animals the author depicted in the story into the group where they belong... and please don't forget yourself, you human you!  

This is an educational book and the illustrations are crisp, colourful and so enrich the text.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps rating....   5 hugs!  

About the author...

Betsy Rosenthal is the author of several children's books. Her first book, MY HOUSE IS SINGING, is a collection of poetry all about things in and around the house. IT'S NOT WORTH MAKING A TZIMMES OVER! , is a story inspired by her son Joel's baking mishap and the feisty grandmothers Betsy plays badminton with regularly. Her newest book, WHICH SHOES WOULD YOU CHOOSE? follows a little boy named Sherman who tries to figure out which shoes are the right ones for each of his activities.
In addition to her books for children, Rosenthal has had many essays published in newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, Mothering magazine, The Jewish Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, California Monthly Magazine, and Working Writer.
Rosenthal was a lawyer before leaving that career behind to raise her three children and concentrate on her writing. When her fingers aren't glued to the computer keyboard, she keeps busy helping students with their college admissions essays, walking with a group of friends up the hills in her Los Angeles neighborhood, playing badminton, reading, traveling and chauffeuring her youngest son around to his various activities.

About the illustrator...

Giusi Capizzi was born in Rome in 1976, but she was raised in Sicily.
She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania and has completed many illustration courses for children’s books. 

Giusi started drawing tales for her son and enjoyed it so much that she hasn’t stopped! Since then, Giusi has worked for a number of Italian Publishers illustrating for education books, handbooks and magazines.

All of Giusi’s work is digital but she also uses her graphic design skills to 
layout the books and catalogues.

In her spare time, Giusi loves to cook and sometimes she teaches tourists Sicilian cuisine...obviously, her cookbook is filled with illustrations!

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