Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sam Sense - a bookwrap

A quality book today written by a 7-year old.  Welcome to Storywraps and our featured book of the day.


Sam Sense
(Epic Survival Tips for Awesome Kids)

Authored by Sam Shahin
Illustrated by Christine Flores

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to enjoy...

About the book...

Where can a kid go these days to get some good tips on surviving  life?  Life can be pretty challenging and you need a lot of wisdom to get you through each day.  Let me introduce you to Sam, a savvy seven year old, who may just have the answers you need to make that happen. 

He has sat down and methodically compiled a book about everything you need to know to be an awesome kid.  His magical journey will expose you to ways you can have a wonderful, rich, fun-filled life. He waves his magician's wand and "Abracadabra" .... 
his advice supernaturally appears.  

He tells you the best way to toast marshmallows, that brushing your teeth with flavoured toothpaste is way better than just the regular stuff,  to always put your homework in your backpack before you leave home, that you can treat any small cut with ice, a Band-Aid, and cream, to do your homework before dinner so you can watch TV afterwards, and advises you that sometimes it's fun to play with your friends but at other times playing by yourself can be even more fun, just to cite a few. 

Kid's will love advice from a peer rather than a lecturing adult.  The illustrations are vibrant, colourful and bring his advice to life right before your eyes...magical for sure.  

I am sure this high quality book will be an asset to kids who want and need an infusion of Sam's mentors' wisdom... his mom, dad and his sister.  Highly recommended.

                            Storywraps rating:  5 Storywraps Hugs!!

About the author...

Sam Shahin has his foot stomped on the gas as he roars through elementary school.  His wit infuses his observations of everyday life as a youngster.  He loves school, and even though his teachers are tearing out their hair, they love him, too.  It used to be that his greatest fear was being sent to the principal's office, but after he was finally sent there, he reported, "It was not that bad." 
Everyone who meets him becomes his friend.  He is seven years old and shining in third grade.  

About the illustrator...

Philippines. I'm a book illustrator and makes Caricatures too :)

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