Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Dan The Biggest Dump Truck' - a bookwrap

Kids just love .... Big.... Bigger.... Biggest!! 
And Dump Truck Dan is the Biggest of them all!!!


Authored by Chris Adams
Illustrated by James Donahower

Ages 3-7
Grades PS-2

Unwrapping some illustrations for you...

About the book...

If your little one is in love with mighty machines and can't get enough of them then this is the perfect book to share.  

Dump truck Dan is a whopper. He's very powerful and can fit 100 elephants in his tipper!  He roars and honks louder than thunder and towers over all the other machines on the construction site... why his wheels are as big as a house.  

Dan wants to be busy putting all his power to work.  He tries over and over to secure a job but is rejected because of his size... he's told that he is way too BIG!  Oh my!  He feels depressed and spurned because he truly wants to be part of a magnificent construction team.  

Then one day a calamity happens when a brand new sports stadium is being built.  The only piece of equipment that can save the day  is Massive Dan.  When summoned Dan eagerly accepts the challenge and becomes a super hero to his peers.  He is needed and appreciated which makes him a very, very happy Dump Truck.  He finally is recognized for his strength and might and gets his just rewards. A wonderful life lesson is learned: never, ever give up, you are valuable.  

The illustrations are very simple and minimal and I feel did not enrich the storyline much.  They did depict action and the ever-changing emotions of Dan which was helpful. 

Storywraps rating...  3 Hugs!!!

  Chris Adams is CEO of the Australia-based online video streaming company, Spondo. A pioneer of new media, Adams has worked at Amazon, Facebook, and Comcast, and helped create the Academy Award–winning production company Participant Media. He lives in Brisbane, Australia. 

James Donahower has been drawing since he was old enough to realize that crayons taste bad. Although music and acting ultimately pirated control of his career, he never stopped making pictures, so when an old friend from middle school turned up in 2014 looking for an illustrator, James was ready, and Dan the Biggest Dump Truck was born.

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