Friday, January 27, 2017

Introducing .... Greg Pincus on Storywraps

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Storywraps would like to introduce... Greg Pincus

Greg Pincus is a poet, novelist, screenwriter, volunteer elementary school librarian, and social media consultant. He’s also a blogger, writing about children’s literature and poetry at GottaBook and the social web at The Happy Accident. Through the wonders of social media, he’s sold poetry, helped himself land a book deal, ended up in the New York Times, the Washington Post, School Library Journal (multiple times), and many other interesting places… and also made friends and gotten free cookies on more than one occasion!

Unwrapping where to find him:

*The Happy Accident

Unwrapping some of his poems...

Greg Pincus

There’s crayon on the tabletop.
There’s crayon on the floor.
The baby got my crayon box
And drew and drew some more.
The house is full of colors now,
Each wall and every door.
Let me look more closely. Yep...
He used all 64.

Greg Pincus

I scored a goal.
Oh, what a perfect day.
I kicked the ball so hard and true.
Oh, what a perfect play.

Why would you boo?
This always was my dream:
I shot it past the goalie and...
Oh, he’s on my team.

Greg Pincus

I don’t like words.
They don’t make sense.
Words make me upset and tense.
How due eye no witch whirred two ewes
Ore how too right thee won aye chews?
Wile sum mite think words are a bawl,
Eye dew knot care fore words at awl!

The next little while I am going to periodically be highlighting special blogs and amazing people for you to check out.  There are so many talented individuals out there and I would be more than happy to share their extraordinary gifts with you.  Enriching each other's knowledge in this area will be pure delight.  Stay tuned........

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