Monday, February 27, 2017

Pixie's Adventure - a Bookwrap

"Maybe an outside adventure is not all it's cracked up to be!!!!  I'm not impressed."


Authored by Jenna Grodzicki
Illustrated by Kerri Lockwood-Doody

Ages 3-8

Unwrapping some beautiful illustrations...

About the book...

Pixie has a wonderful cat's life.  She lazes at the window her tummy full of warm milk and endless salmon treats.  She sees butterflies flitting by free and able to explore where they may.  She starts envying their freedom and longs to escape into the outside world and experience it first hand.

One day as her humans are carrying in groceries Pixie gets her chance to break loose.  She enters a world of soft luscious grass, fragrant flowers, noisy chattering squirrels and birds and wiggly, munching caterpillars.  Then as outdoor life goes a rainstorm blows in.  The lightning streaks across the sky and the thunder loudly booms.  Pixie is very very frightened and takes refuge under some bushes for protection. She is cowering and shivering from the rain and wants to be back indoors on her comfortable soft cushion looking at the storm through her glass window.  Oh my!

Will her beloved humans discover she's gone?  Will they come and try to find her and bring her back home where she now knows she belongs? Why did she ever leave the safety and comfort of her place to begin with?

This heartwarming tale of a prodigal cat will bring a smile to your face as her humans do arrive and show how much they love their little renegade. They need her back just as much as she needs to be back inside once again.  

The illustrations are beautifully executed and the soft colours are comforting to the reader spreading feelings of warmth and love.  I  applaud the detail and expressive looks on Pixie that the very gifted illustrator portrayed.  The story is told simply and I am sure everyone who has ever owned a pet can relate to the story. 

Storywraps rating ..... 5 HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

Jenna is excited to be pursuing her lifelong dream of writing picture books. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two crazy awesome kids. She’s been in education for the past 15 years, having taught third grade, first grade, and kindergarten. Currently, Jenna is a K-5 library media specialist.
Her first picture book, PIXIE'S ADVENTURE, will be coming out February 2017 from eTreasures Publishing.
When she’s not writing or spending time with her family, Jenna LOVES to read! She also enjoys skiing and cheering for the best team in baseball, the Boston Red Sox.
Other fun facts about Jenna:
* Her favorite place in the world is Cape Cod.
* She was a Boston College cheerleader.
* She went skydiving once.
  • She drives a pink 1956 Ford Fairlane.

About the illustrator...

My favorite thing about me is that God gave his only son to die for me so that I could spend eternity with him. Somehow he thought I was worth it so I won't argue. Every thing that I have or am I owe to Him. He gave me a wonderful, talented husband, beautiful children who love Him, a sweet house,a gentle giant of a dog, a cats cat and the cutest little hamster you've ever seen. And that's just here on earth! when He comes to get us; when He swoops us all up to the bridal feast we will forget all this and at least the next three and a half or seven years ( hopefully seven) will be spent meeting all of our family members we have only heard about, serving each other at the greatest banquet you've ever seen, and learning more about who we are than we could ever imagine. The next thousand years we reign and rule here on earth with Jesus as the king of all kings. My favorite thing to do is imagine the coronation of Jesus sort of like the scene in "The Return of the King". I am so excited for Jesus I can hardly wait. It will be a moment second only to the moment when I look into his beautiful blue ( I imagine) eyes for the very first time and find the one for whom I have waited all my life.

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