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"The Rock that Rolled Across the Ocean" - a bookwrap

Unwrapping some quotes about "PURPOSE IN LIFE"


"The Rock that Rolled Across the Ocean" 

Authored by N.D. Byma
Illustrated by Maddy Wagar
Ages 3+

Unwrapping some adorable illustrations for you to enjoy... 

About the book...

According to Amazon...

"The story of a little seaweed and barnacle covered rock that ventures across the ocean to find its purpose. With adventure, laughs and a subtle lesson of perseverance and hope; this story will surely warm the hearts and stoke the imaginations of readers young and old." 

My Take...

This book to me was like a modern day parable.  An insignificant, barnacle-infested, seaweed-bound, tiny rock living in a dreary, God-forsaken (or was it?) beach is discovered by a kind and loving stranger.  The stranger gently picks up the sad wretched rock and challenges him to discover his purpose in life.  He tells him a greater life does await him if he seeks it with all his heart.  

Those encouraging words go deep into the little rock's heart and he decides to risk it all and follow the stranger's advice.  With brute determination and a little help along the way the courageous rock rolls across the ocean floor to victory.  He cannot contain his happiness as he once again finds himself in the gentle hand of that stranger and is strategically placed in a thriving oasis-like garden surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.  He, himself refreshed and feeling brand new inside and out, shines where he has been planted.  He indeed has found his purpose.  

This story is inspiring and heartwarming. The illustrations enrich  the narrative greatly.  We all have adversity in our lives and this positive message of hope and love will lift your spirit and encourage you to find your true purpose in this life... it's there for the finding if you never give up!  Happiness and fulfillment can be yours if you do.

This is N.D. Byma's fourth picture book.  I have reviewed each one and they are highly recommended. 

Storywraps rating -  5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author...

N.D. Byma is a writer and storyteller from Beaverton, Oregon with a passion for creating stories that speak to both children and adults at the same time. 
His books can be found in churches, schools, libraries hospitals and other locations around the country.

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