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"Tall Tall Tree" - a bookwrap


Authored by Anthony D. Fredericks
Illustrated by Chad Wallace

Ages: 2-5
Grade Level: PS-K

Unwrapping some amazing illustrations for you


About the book

This beautiful counting book is written in rhyme.  A northern spotted owl welcomes everyone on the introductory page and he invites readers into the magical world of the tall, tall Redwood tree.  

Scientists have discovered a busy world on top of those gigantic trees. Its overhead canopy is one that is teeming with life unseen by human eyes.  

"Creeping, hopping, zipping
Throughout the redwoods green
Are many different creatures
Who are very seldom seen.

They live among the branches
High in this tall, tall tree
Insects, birds, and mammal,
Let's count them - one, two, three."

The author highlights ten species that make this high towering cover their home. Some that he has chosen are:  the soaring Eagle, climbing Salamanders, busy pecking Woodpeckers, chattering scampering Chipmunks, sleeping roosting bats, slimy sliding banana slugs and spotted crawling Ladybugs, just to name a few.  

Kids can count, learn and discover and enjoy reading this book. It's very intereactive with words sure to expand their vocabulary.  The author has cleverly included pages at the back to gleen more in-depth details of the majestic Redwoods and more animals to flip back through the book and find.  Also present are guides for parents and teachers that provide activities and websites to pursue.  

The illustrations are truly amazing and beautifully crafted.  The author has done a stellar job of raising the awareness of the Redwood's awesomeness and usefulness to creatures big and small.  A truly gorgeous book that will be wonderful to add to your child's nature collection.  I highly recommend this book. 

"Many other animals
 Sleep and eat and roam
Up in this tall, tall tree-
Their elevated home.

The tree lives in a forest
Close to the foggy shore.
It's a wild and magic world-
Come discover and explore!"

Storywraps Rating...  5+++HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Anthony D. Fredericks ( is a best-selling and award-winning author who has published 153 books including an eclectic array of college textbooks, education titles, children's books, and several adult nonfiction books. His nonfiction titles include the bestselling "Ace Your Teacher Interview" ("Every education major should get this book!"), the always popular "Horseshoe Crab: Biography of a Survivor" ("A reminder that a skillful storyteller can find a good tale anywhere."), and his latest tome, "The Secret Life of Clams: The Mysteries and Magic of Our Favorite Shellfish" ("An ideal book - filled with humor, natural history, insights, interviews, and adventure. A most delicious read!"). Fredericks is professor of education at York College in York, PA.

About the illustrator

Chad Wallace is an award-winning artist who grew up in Somers, NY. His first grade class was lucky enough to be at the Somers Library Opening Ceremony in 1982. He has illustrated ten books for children including: Earth Day Birthday (2003) Earth Feeling the Heat (2010) and Seahorses (2012). He earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Syracuse University (1997) and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from FIT (2011).
Chad’s illustrations often feature animals in their natural environments. Working in a realistic style, Chad creates believability around his characters even when they are anthropomorphized to a degree. He is versatile when it comes to medium, and able to work traditionally and digitally while not sacrificing style.
Chad is currently interested in re-formatting children’s storytelling for the modern age. As technologies continue to evolve, the demand for creative imagery and practical teaching applications will also increase. It is in that spirit that he has created The Meadow Mouse (2014) a book/app written and illustrated by Wallace.

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