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"Fast Farm and Slow Farm" - a bookwrap


"Fast Farm and Slow Farm"

Illustrated by Valeria Cis, By Min Jee Jung

Ages: 3-5 years
Grade Level: PS-K

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

This book is about two farmers, Thump Thump Giant, and Grandma Snail, who co-exist on their respective farms. Thump Thump Giant wants quantity rather than quality when it comes to his foods and he uses chemicals on his plants and in his animal's food to churn out more and more produce and of course to make more and more money regardless of the consequences.  

Grandma Snail on the other hand works thoroughly and slowly on her farm and aims for the highest, healthiest quality.  She treats her animals and her crops like her very own children. She wants to farm naturally no matter how long it takes. Her mantra to her charges is:

"You must grow in happiness to become good food!" 

Thump Thump Giant is so impatient that he starts manufacturing ready-made meals for those not wanting to cook or are in a rush for a make-shift meal.  All the meals include preservatives so they don't spoil and have a longer shelf-life.  He indulges in these meals himself and experiences feelings of nauseousness, itchy skin and his stomach constantly gurgling and bubbling.  Oh my!  

Kind Grandma Snail worries about Thump Thump Giant's health and the caustic food he is subjecting his customers (and himself) too.  Will there be some tipping-point that will lead Thump Thump Giant to realize the danger of his decisions to use those nasty chemicals in his food chain that he sells to the public? 

Grandma Snail is a true inspiration as she shares the benefits of eating simple, fresh, healthy foods right out of your own garden or purchased from the local farmer.  

The illustrations visually enrich the narrative and the author has wisely included "TANTAN COOKING NEWSLETTER" at the back of the book, containing the history of the cooking movement, instructions as to how you too can make a small farm at home, and a quiz about setting a healthy table.  All-in-all kids will learn that foods charged with chemicals are not a beneficial choice when it comes to eating wholesomely and should be avoided if you want to stay in good health and live a much longer robust life.  I like the book and recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

is the best!!!

About illustrator and author

Valeria Shis was born and raised in Argentina and is the author and illustrator of Bee Grandfather; When Veronica Knits, and others. 

Min Jee Jung is the author of Happiness at Mully's Circus; An Adventure Story of All the Explorers; It's My Poop, Don't Eat It!; and others.

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