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"In My World" - a bookwrap


 Come learn more about it today through the eyes of a little boy who is different from others.  The book shines a light on how he experiences the people and the things around him in real time and what he wants you to know about the world that he lives in.  Enjoy and learn. 


"In My World"

Authored by Jillian Ma
Illustrated by Mimi Chao

Unwrapping some precious illustations 

About the book

This book will pull at your heartstrings.  An adorable little boy with autism reveals his magical world to the reader as he goes on exciting adventures with his friends, has infinite dreams, dances ecstatically in rain puddles, soars on an airplane, and sings with his feathered friends, just to name a few.  He is seen, heard and loved in his world as he partakes in the deliciousness of his life.  He interacts with the people around him who accept him and make him  feel that he can conquer whatever life brings his way.  All his dreams come true there. The illustrations ooze happiness, engagement and bright colours. 

Then in contrast there is a dark, empty page where the little boy is standing all alone... his only friend being his teddy bear. This is the hard and very sad truth of his life... this is his reality.  

"In your world... I have autism." 

This book carries a very touching message.  Each page contains one simple sentence nestled in a beautiful illustration which makes it easy for early readers to digest.  The words are simple but pack a powerful message.  It's a rhyming book which is perfect.  In sharing   it can become a catalyst for lots of discussion afterwards. 

Your heart will drop when the happy, colourful boy in his world is reduced to a sad grey outline of himself in his real life.  In the end the boy encourages you to come along side of him and help him achieve his dreams as he has hopes and desires too just like all the other children.  

This is an exceptional book.  I highly, highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

    Jillian Ma is a resource teacher in British Columbia, who has dedicated her life to working with special needs children. She was first exposed to working with special needs children as an educational assistant, and later became a Behavior Interventionist before turning her attention to education. Her students are some of the happiest, strongest and most carefree people she has ever met and they continuously inspire her to become a better person.

About the illustrator 

Peruse Mimi Chao's illustrations and you will be struck with a longing for youth. The freelance illustrator's work invokes memories of childhood adventures, playful curiosity, and pure marvel. Whether it's wanderlust or wonderment, Mimi's illustrations pull at your heart strings. She's working hard on individual commissions, personal projects, storybook illustrations, and more. Although not formally trained in art, Mimi pursued her talents and encourages others to follow their dreams. 

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