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"The Ice Sea Pirates" - a bookwrap


"The Ice Sea Pirates"

Authored by Frida Nilsson
Illustrated by David Barrow
Country of Origin - Sweden

Ages: 8-12
Grade Level: 5+

Unwrapping some Media Reviews

      Radio New Zealand – October 12, 2017:
A raging, pirate-infested adventure

Kids’ Book Review (AUS) – September 6, 2017:
A junior version of the Iliad… a hypnotising read-alone for confident middle graders or a perfect bed-time story for any age.

James Norcliffe, The Sapling (NZ) – September 6, 2017:
The Swedish Daily News described The Ice Sea Pirates as a ‘modern classic’ and while that is an overused term, in this case it is more than justified.

Go to and read the first chapter.

Booksellers NZ – September 6, 2017:
An invigorating read

Unwrapping some illustrations for you


About the book 

This is one of the best books that I have read in a long time.  When people say, " I  couldn't put it down".... include me in that group.  I so longed for a class to read it outloud too. It's one of those books that you just disappear into and don't exit until the last page is read.   Every word holds your interest and makes you long to turn the page so you can find out what happens next.  No wonder it's being dubbed as a modern day classic because I am sure it will be. In fact I like it so much that I wish I knew some Hollywood producer that I could send it to and it be made into a movie.  It is so film-worthy.  Let me tell you a bit about "The Ice Sea Pirates".

Siri is a ten year old girl who lives with her father and little sister in an Arctic archipelago in the imaginary Ice Sea, a frozen land that is bitter and cold.  Life is hard and everyone in the family must pitch in to work together to survive.  

One day Siri and her little sister Miki are out gathering snowberries when the worst possible thing happens.  Miki is kidnapped by an evil pirate, Captain Whitehead, who abducts small children and takes them to his diamond mine to work incessantly for him.  Everyone fears this monster of a man whose hair is white as the snow around them and a heart that is empty as an ice cave.  Siri is horrified that her sister is taken and determines with all her heart to get her back.  She feels she was responsible for her sister being taken as she was snatched away under her watch.  To be taken to that dangerous mine to work until your back and mind is broken is the worst thing that can happen to any small child.  These poor, innocent children are never seen by their families again. 

Siri's father is heartbroken over the loss of his child and decides he will be the one to retrieve her but Siri has other plans.  Bravely she sets out on her own to face an adventure full of pirates, wolves, mermaids, treacherous terrain and shady characters who want to do her harm and even do her in.  

You experience her dangerous plight on every page and the story is so beautifully written you feel you are right beside her cheering her on to victory.  It is a story told with love and heart... a small girl who never loses sight of her plan and never gives up.  I love "The Ice Sea Pirates" and I know it will be one of those books that will remain in my heart long after I put the book on my shelf.  Teachers take note... this is a perfect read aloud for ages 9+ and I know you too will love reading it again and again.  The book is written not only with heart but with magic and awe woven all through it's pages.  

The original novel was published in Swedish a couple of years ago, and this year sees the English version released. It has been beautifully produced by Gecko Press and has been translated by Peter Graves with a number of black and white illustrations by David Barrow. This is an excellent book which I am excited and so happy to recommend.  Please get a copy and read it.  I know you too will feel the same way. 

Storywraps Rating - 

💫💥💫 5+++ and beyond HUGS!!!!!💫💥💫

About the author

Frida Nilsson is a leading Swedish author, who has been an August Prize nominee three times and won the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2014.

Born: January 16, 1979 (age 38)

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