Thursday, November 2, 2017

The (Not) Sleepy Shark - a bookwrap

Ever have those nights when you just can't settle down and get to sleep? You toss and turn, pound your pillow and try to find that perfect position to curl up and be gone.....

Today's book is about a shark who is not sleepy and what she does to finally get to the point that she succumbs.  Enjoy! 


"The (Not) Sleepy Shark"

Authored and illustrated by Tamia Sheldon
Ages 3-6
PS- 3

Illustrations for you to peek at

About the book

Amelia, a shark, although tired just is not ready to go to sleep.  She decides to go for one last swim and along the way she meets many of her friends who are up too strangely enough.  

She asks her friends why they are awake and each one gives her a reason.  Her friend May, a seahorse, is worried about having a bad dream.  Ada, a sea turtle, is too cold.  A large school of fish are hungry and looking for their dinner, and Olivia, an octopus, has so much to see and do she just doesn't have time to rest, just to name a few.  Each time Amelia gives her friends good advice as to how they can overcome their problems that are causing their insomnia.  But what about her?  She's wide awake too.  Who can help her?

Lucy, a whale, comes along and suggests that perhaps Amelia could try circling around a few time then sleep upside down.  Oh goodness who ever heard of that technique?  Amelia is not convinced that that is for her and decides to swims home.  After all her friendly encounters her eyes become heavy, her fins feel tired and huge yawns signal to her it's time.  She joins the other creatures in the ocean and rests her mind and body along with the others.  In the morning they will wake up full of energy because they have been recharged and rested.  Ahhhhhh! Blessed sleep feels wonderful! 

This book is from the author of "The Hungry Shark."  The message highlights positivity, helping out your friends, showing kindness and respect to others, and problems solving.  The illustrations are colourful and expressive.  I felt the story was a bit repetitive but overall kids will learn the names of some sea creatures and their habits.  

Storywraps Rating  - 3 HUGS!!!

About the creator

Tamia Sheldon is a freelance illustrator and designer working outside of Seattle, WA.
She loves making up stories for her funny kid and spends all her free time drawing, reading and taking pictures. With a B.A. in Design and Culture Studies she is intent on creating work that has a positive impact on the world.

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