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A Fire Truck for Chuck - a bookwrap

Oh boy, oh boy it's garage sale day with Mom and Chuck spots exactly what he is going to buy!  

A rhyming read-aloud that is picture-perfect for preschoolers. 


"A Fire Truck for Chuck"

Authored by Annika Dunklee
Illustrated by Cathon

Ages: 2-5
Grade Level: PS-1
Pub. date:  March 15, 2018

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations 

About the book

What a delightful story to share at bedtime.  Chuck and his mom are out garage-saling when he spots a huge red fire truck that sets his eyes twinkling.  His heart's desire has been answered if only he can get his mom to buy it for him.  They soon discover it is a match made in heaven and in minutes the one dollar fire truck has a brand new owner, namely, Chuck.  Hugging his precious treasure close he heads for home to play with his new best friend.

Chuck can't get enough playtime with his new toy and includes it in his sandbox play in the backyard. "Wee-ou-wee-ou-wee-ou" says the fire truck, "Wee-ou-wee-ou-wee-ou," says Chuck.  He happily runs the hose resulting in a lovely mucky mire that both he and his beloved truck manage to get struck in! Yuck!!!  Mom plucks them both from the guck and while she scours down the messy truck Chuck heads for a hearty scrub in the tub.  

After  Chuck sparkles himself back to normal he goes to find his beloved companion but guess what?  It is nowhere to be found.  Oh my!  How can that be?  Poor Chuck searches high and low all over the house and then becomes horrified!!  He thinks maybe his fire truck got sucked up inside the vacuum cleaner.  OHHH NOOOO!!!!  It's nearly his bedtime now and he still has no luck finding his BFF.  Will he finally discover the whereabouts of his new favourite toy or will it be gone forever and ever?  

This book  contains fun playful language with rhyming words and repetition that little ones will surely love.  The cartoon-like illustrations are big, vibrantly coloured and very kid-friendly. They enrich the story so much.  The tale oozes happiness and warmth and every child who has ever had a favourite toy can totally relate to Chuck's range of emotions.  I love the book and highly recommend it. 

Storywraps Rating ...  5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Annika Dunklee was born in Uppsala, Sweden, to a Scottish father and a Swedish mother. As such, she enjoyed the influences of Basil Fawlty and Pippi Longstocking, while eating haggis and pickled-herring sandwiches. Her debut book, My Name Is Elizabeth!, was originally a class assignment for Ted Staunton's course in Writing Children's Fiction at George Brown College. She bases a lot of her stories on her own childhood memories.
On the first day of school each year, every teacher would mispronounce Annika's name as “Ann-eeka,” making her cringe inside and forever fret the first day of school. My Name Is Elizabeth! was inspired by every person who dislikes having his or her name shortened, lengthened, mispronounced or mangled in some way. Her second book, Me, Too!, was based on her own experiences with having two best friends as a child.
Annika has retained certain characteristics since childhood, which include being an excruciatingly slow reader and having laughing hysterics in the most inappropriate situations. She currently resides in Toronto with her husband, two kids, a puppy, a bunny rabbit and a cockatiel.

About the illustrator 

CATHON left Québec City in 2010 to study visual arts and media at the Université du Québec à Montréal. Since then, she has devoted herself to comics and illustration. Cathon now publishes picture books and comics with Pow Pow, La Pastèque, Comme des géants, Bayard, and Courte Échelle. She lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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