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"The Bee Sting" - a bookwrap

Can anything good come out of a painful bee sting?  The pain inflicted is severe and the fear afterwards of bees is very real, and rightly so.   Perhaps if your child is unfortunate enough to be stung she may feel better if she knows why a bee stings and then goes on to study all about their life cycle and habits.  These necessary and important insects are imperative for our very existence!  


Lima and Ina

"The Bee Sting" 

Authored by Mason Nassah
Ages 8-12

Unwrapping some general info about the book

* Lima and Ina is a book series 
* Story is for educational and entertainment purposes
* Very short book with no illustrations
*Chaper book (5 Chapters) that can be read solo by child or by parents at bedtime  
*Highlights how research can help conquer fear of bees and be a template for any phobia
*Encouages readers to address their fears by reading more, asking questions, and spending time learning about what makes them fearful
*Can be read in around 20-30 minutes

About the book

Two sisters, Ina who is ten and her younger sister Lima who is six, are playing outdoors.  Sadly Ina gets stung by a bee.  The pain is excruciating and her fear of bees escalates.  Through her recovery she, along with her loving supportive family, learn and understand  more about the importance of bees in our world.  Brave Ina takes a very bad situation and turns it into an educational one.  This helps her cautiously overcome her fear of bees by learning about these flying insects who are vital to the survival of our ecosystem.  

I like the fact that the short story is broken up into chapters and contains educational information about the contributions that bees make, and their importance, to our society.  Teaching children through reading a story followed by discussions about their feelings is a wonderful teaching tool.  Both girls through asking questions, finding answers and dedicating their time learning about bees overcame their fears. 

I feel the content is very very good but I think a few illustrations throughout the story would have visually helped the text come alive and driven the author's points home better.  The cover picture is excellent, kid-friendly and draws the reader in.  Well done!  

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!

About the author

Mason Nassah writes children stories that teach simple lessons. He shares those stories through the adventures of Lima and Ina—two young sisters who learn something new every day. 

His books are short and are designed to be read in one sitting. They take an average reader around 20 to 30 minutes to finish, and they make great bedtime stories for parents to read aloud to their children.

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