Friday, March 30, 2018

"Awesome!" - a bookwrap


by Craig Shuttlewood

Ages: 4-8
Grade Level:  K-2

Publisher: Capstone
Pub Date: 01 Aug 2018

Unwrapping some fun illustrations for you enjoy

About the book

Marvin the moose and Woody the beaver live together in the forest and are the best of friends.  They do everything together and are inseparable.  One day Marvin does something so AWESOME that the whole forest takes note and deems him their superhero. 

Marvin morphs into this magnanimous champion and offers services to the forest creatures such as righting wrongs, helping them solve problems and fixing any trouble that may come their way.  They are so impressed with him that they carve a statue of him to salute his awesomeness.

Woody at first helps his friend out but as time goes by and Marvin takes more and more time away from their friendship to be awesome for others, Woody gets envious and jealous.  He too would like to be extraordinary just like Marvin, not plain and overlooked like he is now.

Woody tries to shine the spotlight on himself but alas his efforts fail and does the complete opposite... the light around him goes dark and the forest creatures are not impressed by him at all. Poor Woody.   Can these two friends ever become BFFs again?  Is it even possible? 

The message of the book is filled with inspiration and hope.  It  concludes that we all have a propensity for greatness tucked deep inside of us.  As we journey through life we can discover that gift  and when we it is unleashed we can become superheroes to those we encounter along the way too. "Awesome!"  is a lovely segue to lots of discussion about morals, feelings of jealously, pride, and what being a superhero really entails.  I certainly would recommend it.

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!

About the author/illustrator

I am an artist and illustrator from Brighton, UK. My original work combines paint, found materials, scribbles and drawings representative of everyday things. My paintings have been exhibited in many galleries from London to New York and purchased by private collectors
My debut book Who's In the tree that shouldn't be? received a highly commended award at the Cambridgeshire Read it Again! Award. With this book, I have also been involved in story events – reading, drawing and masking making with children at Waterstones, Kew gardens and several independent book shops and nursery’s in London and Sussex.
Two more Templar titles followed – Around the World and Through the Town in the 'Trace the Trail' series which were published in 2015. These pre school board books have been translated into French and Spanish.
Town and Country, Ivy Kids is a fun turnaround book for young explorers and the winner of Best Children's Book in the Junior Design Awards 2017.
Due to publish in August 2018 is 'Awesome'. Marvin (a moose) and Woody (a beaver) are BFF's who's friendship is tested. 

New ideas are in development and I am working on several books with stickers a plenty!

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