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" Little Passports" - a brilliant infowrap

Meet Amy and Stella,
Co-Founders of Little Passports

Our Story

We’re two moms (and best friends) who have a shared vision: inspiring children to learn about the world. That’s why, in 2009, we launched Little Passports.

Growing up, we were both exposed to different cultures, whether it was moving between the US and England, or growing up in a Chinese-American household. Those personal experiences taught us how important it is for children to learn about geography and the world around us. Now that we have children, it's important to us to provide those opportunities to learn while inspiring the imagination.

At Little Passports, our subscriptions create those opportunities, and certainly spark the imagination! Our products deliver discovery and adventure to children of all ages, and we’ve also built a wonderful community of parents, grandparents and educators that share our vision. All together, we have built a business that we are incredibly proud of.
We hope that you'll try our products and enjoy the monthly adventures with your kids. We're passionate about our company and its mission and would love to hear any feedback and suggestions you may have for us. 

Thanks so much for your support!
Amy Norman; Stella Ma 
Co-Founders - Co-CEOs 

Everything you need to get started:

  Our signature blue suitcase
Your very own passport
Wall-sized world map
A welcome letter from new pen pals Sam & Sofia
Stickers, photo and activity sheet
Plus access to online games in the Boarding Zone
  A new country is featured each month with:
Letters from Sam & Sofia
Fun souvenirs
Activity sheets
Stickers for your suitcase, passport & map

Access to Boarding Zone for more online games

A new country is featured each month with:

Letters from Sam and Sofia
Fun souvenirs
Activity sheets
Stickers for your suitcase, passport, and  map

Access to Boarding Zone for more online games

There’s something wonderful about receiving mail every month – that’s why kids and moms love us! Our world class monthly subscriptions are created and tested by real kids, and created with educational value in mind by educators, toy industry veterans and scientists. If you’re looking for a fun and educational gift for your toddler or school-age kids, we have a monthly subscription that’s perfect for you!

 Check out full information at:

Little Passports is approved by: 

This sounds so exciting and fun that I would like to order "Little Passports" for myself to play and learn with.  What a brilliant and novel idea.  Wow, totally impressive.  Please check their website out and consider ordering for your own kids. Perfect for home, in a classroom setting or as a homeschool resource.  Highly, highly recommended by Storywraps and as a former educator I give it a high "pass" because it will trans"port" your kids all around the world.  Awesome! 

Storywraps Rating - 5+++++ HUGS!!!!!

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