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"The Giant From Nowhere" - a bookwrap


"The Giant From Nowhere"

Authored by Frances Dickens
Illustrated by Peter Hudspith

Ages 4-10
Grade Levels PS+

Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

A very lonely giant decides to leave Nowhere, a desolate place where only he resides.  He is seeking friendship and wants with all of his heart to belong and be part of a community.  He ends up in the village of Somewhere, a small village in the middle of the countryside.  He immediately is spurned by the locals because he is huge and scary to them and too big for their liking. 

"And the tiny people were terrified.  They cried. They screamed. They shouted.
Go away, you're too big to live here.  Go away, we don't want you!"

His frustration and anger of being rejected by the village-folk cause him to stomp so hard that the ground shakes violently, taking roofs off of their houses, breaking their windows and decimating their shops.  After his temper tirade subsides he quietly walks away... totally heartbroken.

How are the villagers going to restore their beloved village? It is in shambles. They decide to write an article about him in the newspaper which successfully aids the police in apprehending the giant.  After an outdoor village meeting with the despondent giant present the harried crowd finds out the truth as to why the giant acted the way he did.  Could they find a way to restore their beloved village, accept him into their community and perhaps even find a way to make him less lonely? Luckily for him they make his dreams of belonging come true and they even take it one step farther.   They find him a special someone to share his life. So the giant from Nowhere is now live happily in Somewhere with his beloved Someone.  I love a happy ending don't you?   

The illustrations are so well done and they enrich the story greatly by pulling the reader right into the midst of this modern day fairytale.   The story teaches kids to be kind to others and accept them for who they are.  The author has included fun activities at the end of the book allowing kids to have more interaction with the story.  I recommend this book. 

A fun activity pack is available to purchase separately also.  

The packaging is recyclable and useful to keep all of the items in.

Inside the box there is…

A letter explaining how to use the pack
2 x A3 map sheets (makes an A2 village plan)
4 x A4 cards of village characters – including the Giant
2 x A4 cards with village buildings
2 x A4 cards with trees and other village things
1 x box of 6 coloured pencils
1 x pencil sharpener
1 x children’s craft scissors
Basically you can colour in the A4 pages, cut and fold them and place them wherever you wish on the giant map.
It doesn’t matter where you place them or what colours you use as it’s entirely up to you and your imagination.  What a wonderful add-on to the story. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!

About the author

Frances Dickens has 19 years teaching in inner London specialising in drama, art, English working with children with special needs and those needing additional language support. Kirstin Lewis has 8 years as a classroom teacher and deputy head teacher and 6 years as a literacy consultant for Lambeth LEA specialising in EAL children, Foundation Stage and KS 1 and 2.

About the illustrator

WWith over 25 years experience and provide images imaginative and versatile hand drawn illustrations for a wide variety of clients including book publishers, magazines, Design  Print agencies, multimedia, computer games companies and academic establishments across Britain and Europe.

I have quick and flexible drawing style can tailor my work to suit individual client needs.

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