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"This Is a Taco" - a bookwrap


"This s a Taco" 

by Andrew Cangelose
 with illustrations by Josh Shipley

* Ages: 4-8
* Grade Level: 1-2
* Publisher: Lion Forge
* Pub. Date: May 1, 2018

Unwrapping some fabulous illustrations for you

About the book

This is a really fun book that I know kids will just love.  A little squirrel named Taco, because he loves tacos, narrates the story and speaks directly to the reader.  

The book begins by acquainting the young audience with realistic facts about squirrels, like how they are the cleanest rodents in the wild, are known for their silky fur, and how they love to eat nuts, acorns, and even tree bark.  Hey wait!!! Where are the tacos that Taco was told would be available.  Tree bark?  You've got to be kidding....ya right... how could anyone eat that?   After the fun facts of diet... (not)...  Taco feels he has no choice but to step into the storyline and change the whole narrative in his favour. If he does then perhaps that might steer him towards getting the tacos that he was promised. Tree bark?  Really?  Yuk!!!!!  

The hilarious expressions that this adorable squirrel exhibits are truly uproarious.  Taco steps into the writing process and takes charge. He swashbuckles a bright red pen and changes start to  appear.  He appoints himself his own  editor-in-chief.  Taco crosses out words and re-directs the story to be all about...him...TACO.  Now he is satisfied with the plot and feels vidicated.  

He encounters a giant taco who is hungry for tacos too and wants to swoop in and gobble them all up.  Not on Taco's watch.  He decides the story needs one more correction to make it perfect. With a swoosh of his red pen he declares:

"Taco, the squirrel 
(and not an actual giant, talking taco),
is the natural predator
of tacos."

The moral of the story?  If you want anything done right, do it yourself and most importantly the best story of all is the one you write yourself.... especially if you are the star. 

I highly recommend this book and I am sure kids will love it and want to read it again and again.  Taco 'bout cute?  This story's got it going on!    

Storywraps Rating - 5 HUGS!!!!!

Publisher's Synopsis

( In a nutshell although Taco would prefer it  wrapped in a taco shell) 

This is a squirrel . . . "Hey, I may be a squirrel, but my name is Taco! And I don't eat nuts and tree bark—blech—I prefer tacos!" The natural predator of squirrels is . . . "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who is writing this book? I do not like where this is going." This hilarious send-up of a children's nature primer teaches kids that the most important story is the one you write yourself.


 * Themes: Take Charge, Write Your Own Story, Persistence

* Character Development: All about our protagonist hero: Taco

* Plot Engagement: Begins as a standard "this is a" nature examination and turns into something quite different
 * Originality: Although it is becoming more common in children's books to have the protagonist address the audience in some way, the mixture of Taco's personality, squirrel facts and the popularity of tacos (the food) make this title rather unique.
* Believability: Humor allows for our suspension of disbelief, even when the giant taco shows up due to Taco's poor word choices.
* Thank You to publisher Lion Forge for my digital copy on NetGalley
* Date: Available May 1, 2018 ( you can get it on April 18th at comic stores)
* ISBN: 978-1941302729 

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