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Hidden Fun! 
10 of the Best Seek-and-Find Books for Kids

These books are perfect when you need some activity on a long afternoon at home or an arduous car ride or plane trip because they keep kids engaged for a good length of time.  They are a wonderful gift to give too.  Following are ten that the whole family can enjoy: 

by Britta Teckentrup

Britta Teckentrup and her seek-and-find books are fabulous. This one is filled with beautifully done animal patterns and you have to find which one doesn’t match the others or which one is a pair and my preschoolers will look through them endlessly.

by Dr. Seuss, illustrated by George Booth

In this reissued version of a classic Dr. Seuss book, things go crazy on Wednesday and on each page there are lots of funny little details to find, from the wrong kind of fruit growing in trees to a sun that’s green instead of yellow. This book never gets old!

by Stephen Savage

For the very youngest reader, this is perfect with the walrus escaping from the zoo and then hiding on each page from the zookeeper who is determined to hunt him down.

by Benjamin Chaud

While I love a book with LOTS of things to find, I also love ones where you’re only looking for one or two things. In this series (which includes The Bear’s Sea Escape and The Bear’s Surprise) you find the Papa Bear and his missing Baby Bear on each page. Plus, these books are oversized, which makes them especially eye-catching.

by Sarah Williamson

This one is great for the littlest seekers. Bright illustrations and fun text encourage baby and toddler explorers to find where the little pink snake has gone. Along the way, they’ll learn more about place concepts like under/over, up/down.

by Caitlin Haynes, illustrated by Tom Cook

With its familiar “I Spy” structure, and favorite friends from “Sesame Street,” this book is sure to be a hit with early readers. Kids are invited to look for characters and objects, reinforcing their knowledge of shapes, colors, and sizes as they go.

by Marc Boutavant

If you love taking an adventure without leaving your couch, this is the most delightful book starring Mouk, a bear who travels the world and discovers all sorts of delightful things along the way.

by Tony Tallarico

Continue on your travels with this hidden pictures book that takes readers on a trip across America. Hiding in scenes of California beaches and Arizona canyons are all kinds of items. Kids (and parents) will love working their way through the checklist on every page and seeing how many things they can find.

by B. B. Cronin

This book is so eye-catching with every page a completely different color! It’s gorgeous and surprisingly hard to find the objects hidden on each page. There’s also a new companion that recently came out, called The Lost Picnic. 

by Anders Arhoj

On the first page, you are introduced to a little character who then hides on each page. When you get to the last page, you meet his friend and it’s time to start backward and move all the way back to the first page finding that new friend on every page. Plus, the cover is just so fun.

What other seek-and-find books do you and your kids love? Share with us in the comments below.

(Thank you to Janssen Bradshaw for this review)  

In her pre-child life, Janssen was an elementary school librarian. Now she stays home with her four little girls and is constantly maxing out her library card with picture books, cookbooks, and young adult novels. She’s anxiously counting down the days until her girls are old enough to read the Little House on the Prairie books. You can find Janssen over on her blog, Everyday Reading, where she celebrates modern motherhood with a practical twist.

What other seek-and-find books do you and your kids love? Share with us in the comments below.

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