Friday, May 11, 2018

"Starry Skies' - a bookwrap

Ahhhhhh the beautiful night sky!  It is full of stories that are spun under its spell.  Today's featured book will give kids a glimpse of the magic it holds. Learn about the constellations above us. Enjoy!


"Starry Skies"

 authored by Samantha Chagollan
Nila Aye (Illustrator)

Ages Range:  4-6
Grade Level: PS-1
Publisher:  Walter Foster Jr. (April 3, 2018)

Unwrapping some unique illustrations for you

About the book 

This book is both intriguing and educational.  Who doesn't love to go out under the night sky and get lost in its starry performance?  

This book highlights some of the most well-known constellations that are showcased in the heavenlies.  It is a wonderful introduction for a potential star-gazer and features Draco (the dragon), Leo (the lion), Ursa Major and Minor ( bears ) Pegasus (a flying horse), Pisces (leaping fish ) , Delphinus (a playful dolphin ), and Orion (a fierce warrior ) just to name a few. 

The line-drawn illustrations created against a black sky background are very effective.  The book will spark interest and unleash imaginations to come alive when kids are given the opportunity to head outside on a starry, starry night and look up!   Personally I like the book a lot and would certainly recommend it.  

 Storywraps Rating -  5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

  Samantha Chagollan is an award-winning author and editor of a variety of children's fiction and nonfiction books. A native Southern Californian, Samantha grew up with a passion for telling and writing stories. Through the family’s art store in Huntington Beach, California, she taught arts and crafts to both children and adults for five years. She went on to earn a degree in literature from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, where she focused her studies on multicultural literature and the Spanish language. After working for several publishers in the area, Samantha is currently working as a freelance editor and writer and is probably crafting a new story at this very moment.

About the illustrator

  After graduating from her sell-out show at Central Saint Martins in 1995, Nila Aye became a firm favorite of the London illustration scene. Nila is influenced by mid-century design and children's books from this era. She describes her work as "Retro modern with a cute twist, and a touch of humor." Nila's style is loved by adults and children alike and popular with fans around the world.

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