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My Snowman, Paul - a bookwrap

I'd like you to meet Snowman Paul

This is his story...


"My Snowman, Paul"

Authored by Yossi Lapid

Illustrated by Joanna Pasek

Winner of ...

* Age Range:  3-8
* Grade Level:  K-2
* Series: Snowman Paul (Book 1)
* Publisher:  Yosef Lapid: 1 edition (August 11, 2016) 
* Language: English

Editorial Reviews

B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree! September 20, 2017 (five stars)
We are proud to announce that MY SNOWMAN PAUL by Yossi Lapid is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money!

Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite (five stars): 
"A real treasure!"

Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite (five stars):
"The perfect winter story selection!"

Patricia Reding for Readers' Favorite (five stars):

"Children are invited to use their imaginations in creating winter wonderlands for themselves..." 

Alinka Rutkowska, Award Winning Author:
"The Snowman Paul book series will hook, engage and delight your little ones and make them fall in love with reading."


Unwrapping some wonderful illustrations for you to enjoy

About the book

 Frosty the Snowman move over because there's a new animated snowman in town!  This is a sweet story about friendship and fun times together.  A magical snowman comes alive and befriends an adorable little boy named Dan.  It is book 1 of a 9 book series... all wonderful books.  It is written in rhyme and the watercolour illustrations are truly excellent. 

One cold winter day Dan is bored hanging around the house so his mother suggests he go out and build a snowman.  Dan peeks out the window and sees Bill in his backyard and knows he will mock and taunt him for making such a "dumb" thing.  Mom dismisses Bill's motive and finally gets Dan to go into the great outdoors and express his creativity in the snow.  Happily Dan discovers the snow packs very well that day and is perfect for his snowman project.  

He is very, very pleased with his creation as he stands back and admires it.  He only has the head to add when he looks over and sees Bill's mocking smile across the fence.  Oh my! Dan starts to retreat into his house convincing himself to get a snack but the real reason is that he is humiliated by Bill's jeering look and just wants to disappear away from that intimidation. 

But the headless Snowman has other plans for this disparaged young sculptor.  He shouts, "Come back" which surprises and even shocks Dan who quickly obeys.  Dan patches together the head on top and there before him is his new best friend Paul, the Snowman and the adventures begin.....

This book will delight both young and old and is a perfect bedtime (or anytime) story that is suitable for beginner readers.  I highly recommend this book.  I will be highlighting other books from this series from time to time because they are high quality and not to be missed. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author

From the Author:

  Children will fall in love with Snowman Paul! He is energetic and playful, he has big dreams and he is not afraid to be different. 

Yossi Lapid was born in a small town in Romania where toy stores were absent, but snowmen were abundant. The bright white carpet that covered the ground after the first snow-fall always appeared to him like the blank opening page in a magical book still waiting to be written. In his imagination, the imprints of his small feet would become the first words of many fantastic winter adventures. So, it was inevitable perhaps that he would one day write a children's book about a snowman called Paul. However, it was not inevitable that he would write in rhymes, so he wonders what happened, sometimes...

As a first-time author, Lapid's multi-volume series titled Snowman Paul won the silver medal in the 2016 Moonbeam Award competition in the best picture book series category. Subsequent volumes in 2017 have won Mom's Choice and Reader's Favorite gold medals. Lapid was previously a college professor with a Ph.D. from Colombia University. He has three children and lives with his wife Susan and a little dog named Sasha in New Mexico.

About the illustrator

I'm a freelance illustrator from Poland. My work is based on traditional techniques; watercolor, crayons, ink. My passion is drawing for children. My childhood was all about crayons and books, then I was doing other things for a time – studying, working for a publishing house, taking care of my sons… and then my boys grew up and I discovered I had some free time again. So I returned to crayons and paints. This second beginning happened when I was nearly 40, but there was no particular event to trigger it.

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