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"The Circus Thief" - a bookwrap

Ladies and Gentleman step right up. Presenting...

"The Circus Thief"

Authored by Alane Adams
Illustrated by Lauren Gallegos

* Age Range: 4-8
* Grade Level: 1-2
* Publisher: SparkPress
* Pub. Date: November 6, 2018.
* Language: English

Unwrapping some wonderful pictures for you to enjoy

About the book

The Setting: 

 Summer, 1929
Girard, Pennsylvania during the depression

The Characters:  

~ Georgie - a tender-hearted, empathetic, animal-loving boy
~ Georgie's parents -  a poor, hardworking couple that struggle to sustain their farm and love each other, especially Georgie
~ Harley - Georgie's good friend
~ Roxie - a magnificent, smart, talented, trick horse from the Circus stable

The Plot

This is a charming story set in 1929 when the depression made it so hard for struggling families to make ends meet.  Money is scarce and.   they work hard and sacrifice much to get through another day.

One day the Circus arrives in town and little Georgie asks to attend.  He states his case to his father.  He tells him that he completed all his chore requirements so please can he be rewarded with $1.00 so he can buy a ticket to the Circus.  His dad, after thinking about his request, grants him his wish and wants to go too.

His friend Harley is invited along and the three set off to experience a wonderful time together.  The boys are mesmerized by the elephants and clowns but the best is yet to come.

During the Big Top extravaganza out gallops the most magnificent horse that Georgie has ever layed eyes on.  Her name is Roxie.  She is able to perform tricks for the audience and Georgie is invited to ride on her back.  Oh my... it is his lucky day.  Sadly he overhears that this is Roxie's last show (because of her age) and her destination is to go to a work farm!  Oh no!

Georgie cannot believe his ears and his tender heart kicks in and he determines that he will never let that happen to this splendid animal.  Can he figure out some way to save her from a life of despair and hopelessness?   Papa... yes Papa will be Roxy's saviour he's sure!   

I love time-period stories and tales that have heart,  kindness and justice in them.  The author says, "I wanted to give this series a great message for kids about giving back to others" and she certainly reached her goal in this book. 

The illustrations are beautiful and marry perfectly with the text.  I love the inspiring message and I highly recommend this book... and the whole series.  

This is Adam's fourth book in the series.  The other's are: 

Storywraps Rating -  5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

About the author

Alane Adams is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, professor and award-winning author. After retiring from a successful business career, Adams founded the Rise Up Foundation, which focuses on creating collaborations to empower people to make lasting changes in their lives with a special emphasis on improving literacy in children. A believer in the power of transmedia storytelling, Adams founded Alane Adams Studios to create more interactive, immersive experiences for readers of her books.

Meet the illustrator

Lauren Gallegos earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration from Cal State Fullerton in 2009 and has been illustrating ever since. When it comes to stories, Lauren has always loved books that warm the heart and touch the soul; timeless narratives that speak to your inner child. As a young girl she loved to pour over illustrations that were rich and full. Lauren still loves books that take you to mysterious places and let your imagination run wild with possibilities. Her biggest illustration influences are Chris Van Allsburg, Loren Long, Chris Sheban, Arthur Rackham, and Scott Gustafson to name only a few.
Lauren is always looking for opportunities to illustrate great stories with the desire to see how her work will impact the young minds of our future. She is a proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. She now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, but will always remain a California girl at heart.

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