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"The Brightest Star" - a bookwrap

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!

Up above the world so high,

Like a diamond in the sky."


"The Brightest Star" 

Authored and illustrated by DaniΓ«lle Schothorst

* Ages: 3-6
* Grade Levels: PS-2
* Hardcover: 32 pages
* Pubisher: Clavis
* September 11, 2018
* Language: English

Editorial Reviews

"The Brightest Star by Danielle Schothorst is such a sweet book with darling illustrations about the importance of giving compliments and sharing positive thoughts. Fox and Dog talk about the stars and Dog notices how much more brightly they shine when speaking of something positive. A heartwarming story for young readers ages 5 and up emphasizing kindness toward others and positive thinking. 5/5" - Literary Soiree 

"Lovely illustrations! Sweet characters... .Very positive, uplifting message. Promotes friendship, looking for the good in everything and always thinking positive thoughts.." - SUE M, bookseller 

"This book is special. It is teaching the lost art of giving a compliment. It draws the parallel between your heart growing when someone compliments you to stars getting brighter when you say nice things about them. This book could be used as a good teaching aide in the classroom, especially with young children. The illustrations of the animals are adorable as well. They add a lot to the story. Please share this book with the children in your life." - Beth Grobmyer, educator "

Unwrapping some delightful illustrations for you

About the book

What the world needs now is a HUGE dose of the message from this book.  Everyone needs to tuck its message in their heart and practice it every day to those around them.  It's inspiring theme is to  give compliments and positive thoughts to others making them grow in self-confidence and sparkle in a sometimes a dark and dreary world.  

Fox and Dog star-gaze together one lovely summer night. They dreamily fixate their gaze into the heavens and discover that when they compliment one particular bright star it grows bigger and brighter.  Other woodland animals gather around to see this bewitching star and they are mesmerized by its brilliance.   

Dog says, I think that stars grow when you say nice things about them... "You're so beautiful, star." or, "You're shining very bright tonight."
"Oh," Fox whispers. "And then the star becomes bigger?"
"Of course", Dog says. "When I give you a compilment,
your heart grows. It is the same with stars."
Fox nods. That's true he thinks."

The two keep feeding positive thoughts to the star and it continues to expand in size.  Suddenly it shoots through the night sky and falls. Oh my!  Did Dog and Fox weigh it down with too many compliments?  Where did it go?  As they look around they observe a warm glow all through the woods.  Ahhhh Dog deduces... all their "Nice thoughts fell to earth with the star." 

The illustrations are adorable and the overall message is a powerful one.  It marries curiosity with caring and kindness and it works.  It is a subject matter that matters in our sometimes hostile and uncaring world.  Recommended by Storwraps. 

Storywraps Rating -  5 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author/illusrator

  Danielle Schothorst likes to tell stories with just a few words. Her writing and illustrations are inspired by the world around her: her three sons; her dog, Muppy; and her experiences as a child. Danielle lives in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, where besides writing and drawing for different media (including the Dutch version of Sesame Street), she gives lectures and workshops in schools and libraries. In her spare time, she loves to make stone sculptures.

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