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My Mommy and Me, My Daddy and Me - companion bookwraps


My Mommy and Me 
Authored and Illustrated by Liesbet Slegers

* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Clavis
* Pub. Date:  March15, 2019
* Language:  English

Editorial Reviews

"My Mommy and Me is a delightful picture book for toddlers and preschool children. Beautifully illustrated, the book is written to show all the wonderful things moms and children can do together. As a pediatric speech language pathologist, I see this book as a springboard to helping children visualize verbs in a pleasantly illustrated way, using animals. This would be a great addition to day cares, preschool classrooms, and libraries, as well as a simple purchase for a special toddler. Colorful and easy language, it shows the family experience in a fun, loving way." - Karen Nelson (Educator)

"I love that this Mommy and Me book features all different baby animals and their mommy. Bright pictures with lots of items to point at and talk about while you read it to your young child. The story is cute and describes many things that mommy and son/daughter can do together. This would definitely be a well read book in my household." - Jamie McGrath

"The reason I like this "mommy and me" book better than a lot of the others i have is because it features different animals! my kids LOVE pointing out all the animals and telling me about them so not only does this book give a cute story, but also extremely cute illustrations of different animals" - Tiffany Stanton

Unwrapping some fun illustrations 

Unwrapping the Story

This charming story highlights special relationships between  different baby animals and their mothers.  It documents many fun scenarios that they share together and each page oozes with love and happiness.  

Every page explodes with vibrant colours and the illustrations include many activities that are sure to expand vocabularies and spark meaningful conversations. Included are "lift-the-flaps" that make animals appear adding a surprise element that will delight this age group. 

The age range is for toddlers, ages 18 months and up, and the book focuses on a child's emotions.  Highly recommended. 

My Daddy and Me
Authored and Illustrated by Liesbet Slegers

* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Hardcover:  32 pages
Publisher:  Clavis 
* Pub. Date:  March 15, 2019
* Language: English 

Editorial Reviews

"A simple and easy to follow picture book about daddies. Different types of animals are illustrated spending time with their fathers. The perfect book for little ones and Father's Day." - Tara Hutson (Librarian)

"My Daddy and Me is an appealing book for toddlers. The use of animals and colorful illustrations make the book perfect for little ones. My Daddy and Me would go perfectly hand in hand with My Mommy and Me. The different activities that the animal daddys do with the animal children opens up for questions like "what do you like to do with daddy?" or "do you also like jumping in puddles with daddy?" This is a fun book that is sure to make your little ones happy!" - Denise Hobbs

"The book, My Daddy and Me, follows a youngster doing a number of different activities with his father. The compare how much they both love doing the different things (building a tower with blocks, jumping in puddles, going in the pool).
This would be very cute to read with a little one and talk about doing those different things and ask if they like to do them. It's not too gendered (these aren't necessarily male-dominated tasks).

I'd recommend this book to parents or care-givers of little ones aged 12-24 months." - Sarah Lewis

Unwrapping some cute illustrations 

Unwrapping the story

This book is the perfect companion for "My Mommy and Me".  Nothing is better than spending quality, fun time with your Daddy.  This book is seen through the eyes of a variety of adorable baby animals and shows the wee reader how much these babies enjoy doing different activities with their Dad.

Unconditional love flows from page to page and the unfettered happiness that the illustrations express are palpable.  

Interactive lift-the-flaps bring an extra component of surprise and wonder to those expressive illustrations that are bursting with vibrant colours.  Reading the book together will generate such questions as : What do you and your Daddy like to do together? What is your favourite thing to do with your Daddy? ... just to name a few. This would be a wonderful gift for a new baby or as a Father's Day present.  Highly recommended. 

Storywraps Rating:  5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author/ illustrator

Liesbet Slegers (1975, Belgium) studied Graphics and Illustrations at the Saint-Lucas institute of Antwerp. She works as a fulltime graphic designer and illustrator. With her simple, recognizable style and vivid colours she knows how to attract the attention of every toddler.

In her many books, Slegers frequently focuses on “the first experience of a toddler,” a time she characterized as “exciting but also very scary! I try to help them with my books,” she added, “and also try to give the parents or teacher some assistance!”

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