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"Who is My Neighbour?' - a bookwrap

"Today's book is a modern day parable.  "The word parable comes from two Greek words: para-as in "parallel"- means "to put something side by side"; balo means "to cast or to throw." Thus, a parable casts two images side by side: the story in the text and the story of our own lives.  When we explore that connection, we think about our relationships and our place in the world; we consider how we can be better people. "  Today's story is based on the parable in the Bible, "The Good Samaritan."  The parable is found in the Gospel of Luke (10:30-37).  Enjoy! 

Editorial Review

"[A] timeless tale of kindness, compassion, and what it means to be a good neighbor." -- Foreword Reviews, Starred Review


Who Is My Neighbor? 

by Amy-Jill Levine and Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Illustrated by Denise Turu

* Age Range:  8-12
* Hardcover: 32 pages
* Publisher:  Flyaway books
* Pub. Date:  January 22, 2019
* Language:  English

Unwrapping some great illustrations for you to 

Unwrapping the book

The Blues live on one side of the town and the Yellows live on the other and they don't ever get together because that is always the way it has been.  No one knows how this all began or tries to change at the rules so the segregation tradition holds steady.  Blues and Yellows don't ever mix... end of discussion... period!

One day Midnight Blue is cruising along on his blue bike and loses his balance.  He takes a nasty tumble injuring himself.  He desperately needs help. Along comes his friends ( or so he thought  were his friends ) Navy and Powder Blue, both his neighbours, but they never stop to help him.  Why?  Why wouldn't they aid their dear blue friend who is in trouble?  Midnight Blue says:

"Neither Navy nor Power Blue is true blue."  What an accusation to make!

They both quickly run away from Midnight Blue ignoring his plea for help. Whatever can he do alone, abandoned, and hurting? 

Lemon Yellow, depicted as a sweet warm fuzzy, happens along and  the barriers that separate the Blues and Yellows are about to change their lives permanently because of her brave, kind actions towards Midnight Blue!  The authors include a note for both parents and educators at the back of the book that give a deeper understanding of the story's meaning.  This is a very relevant book for today as  it encourages acceptance, kindness,  friendship and love.  " Love thy neighbour as thyself" the Bible states and this is exactly what the Blues and Yellows did... and the barrier walls came tumbling down.  I highly recommend this book. 

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Always lend a helping hand to those in need! 

Meet the authors

  Amy-Jill Levine, the author of numerous acclaimed books, is University Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies, Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies, and Professor of New Testament Studies at Vanderbilt Divinity School and College of Arts and Science. The Marvelous Mustard Seed and Who Counts?, her first two children's books cowritten with Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, were named Junior Library Guild Selections.

Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, a parent, spiritual leader, and storyteller, is the award-winning author of God’s Paintbrush, In God’s Name, God In Between and many other inspiring books for children of all faiths and backgrounds. The second woman to be ordained as a rabbi (1974) and the first rabbi to become a mother, she and her husband, Dennis, were the first rabbinical couple to jointly lead a congregation—Beth-El Zedeck in Indianapolis. They have two children, David and Debora, and three grandchildren. Sasso, who holds a doctorate in ministry, is active in the interfaith community, and has written and lectured on the renewal of spirituality and the discovery of the religious imagination in children of all faiths.

About the illustrator

Denise Turu was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She developed her art career in New York, London, Paris, Dublin and Barcelona.
She is an author and illustrator of several children books and graphic novels: "Un mapa a medida", "A custom-made map", "Abecedario de peces imaginarios", "What and Why", "Tejo y Loly". She also has illustrated other authors books: "Dinosaurs Devotions", "Who is my neighbour?", "My Friend, Mi amigo", "Round and Round", "Los pollos macabros", among others.
She currently lives in Barcelona and works worldwide.

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