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"Sun and Moon Take Turns" - a bookwrap


"Sun and Moon Take Turns"
Authored by Lili DeBarbieri
Illustrated by Katie Woods

* Age Range:  5-8
* Grade Level:  2-3
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Schiffer; 1 edition 
* Pub. Date:  May 28, 2019
* Language: English

Unwrapping some illustrations for you to peek at 

Unwrapping the story 

The sun and the moon are squabbling about their importance to the universe and how each one thinks they are the best.  The day and night animals take sides because they are tired of the ongoing argument.  

The animals decide to find a solution.  They hold competitions ( a cookout and a race) to finally solve this dilemma once and for all.  That didn't work out so the teams decide to take a vote - a very democratic way of finalizing the heated situation.  Will this method bring resolve and offer a middle ground that will make everyone happy and content especially the sun and the moon and bring harmony to all? 

The book teaches about compromise and understanding how everyone needs to work together for the good everyone.  At the end of the book the author has added factual information about the Sun, Moon, and creatures that are nocturnal and diurnal.  This is a great component for kids who want to find out more about how our cosmos works.  

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!

Meet the author

Author, librarian, and presenter Lili DeBarbieri’s best-selling and awarded nonfiction have chronicled the historical and contemporary arts and agricultural communities of the Grand Canyon state and beyond.
Her fiction includes picture book SAND DUNE DAISY, a Southwest Book of the Year and two forthcoming titles in 2019: SUN AND MOON TAKE TURNS, also a picture book and a debut historical middle grade novel.
Lili is a Country Magazine Field Editor, new contributor to Asian Geographic and stringer for Agence France-Presse. She has been contributing editor of Ethical Traveler, frequent contributor to the Tucson Green Times and Demand Media’s talent and expert network. Her work continues to be featured in a range of publications and media including Canada’s Verge magazine, USA Today, Hobby Farms and “The Mighty Colorado River: From the Glaciers to the Gulf.”
Lili is also writer and interviewer on “Destination Arizona” an Arizona Production Association/Cox Media TV series in the making and has appeared on FOX Daybreak and many NPR affiliates.
Lili’s writing has been honored with an Arizona Governor’s Arts Award nomination, the Mountain Plains Library Association’s Literary Contribution Award and residencies at the historic Simpson hotel, Pima County Public Library, Sedona Summer Colony and Madrona Ranch.
Originally from Philadelphia, she has extensive independent travel experience across six continents. She divides her time between Tucson and New England and can be found writing, reading, cooking and contributing to projects in the arts, environment and historic preservation.

About the illustrator

I'm Katie Roth Wools and I have an enduring love of children's books. Whether it is buying, reading, studying or making them they are quite simply my favorite things. Often when I meet someone, the first thing I decide is what animal I would I draw them as. I feel that a day is incomplete unless I have created something. I am illustrator and marketing professional with a background that includes painting, illustration, printmaking, graphic design and sculpture as well as marketing and communications. I also have a drive for crafting of all sorts (did I mention that I am driven by creating things?). With a traditional fine arts education and experience in the marketing/communications field, I have been fortunate to continue my creative outlets while developing a firm understanding of timelines, budgets, branding and promotion.

Creative Director, Washington University in St. Louis
Illustrator of "Sun and Moon Take Turns" by Lili DeBarbieri, Schiffer Kids, May 2019

I live in St. Louis with my husband, two kids and pup. I have received awards for my illustration and graphic design pieces. I am a published children's book illustrator. 

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