Thursday, June 13, 2019

"Look It's Raining" - a bookwrap


Look It's Raining

Authored by Mathieu Pierloot
Illustrated by Maria Dek

* Age Range:  4-8
* Grade Level:  PS-1
* Hardcover
* Publisher:  Princeton Architetual Press
* Pub. Date:  September 17, 2019
* Language:  English

Unwrapping some illustrations for you

Unwrapping the Story

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and Camille has read all her books and tidied her box of pencils by colour and now she is bored.  Everyone in the family is busy doing their own thing so she decides to head outdoors and see what nature is up to. 

While out there a huge rainstorm, complete with thunder, begins.  Does that deter Camille for further exploration?  No way, it only makes her more adventurous! 

She sticks her tongue out and tastes the rain, observes a column of ants zigzagging across a leaf, discovers a spider spinning his web, and two snails trying valiantly to climb to the top of a big tree, just to name a few.  Each of the creatures she encounters is on a mission to get to a show. Puzzled, but curious, she follows their lead and attends one of nature's most magical and mesmerizing shows ever.  

After climbing the huge tree Camille discovers a small, shiny black thing suspended from a branch.  Can you guess what she found?  Can you guess the colourful transformation that she witnesses?  Nature is full of wonder and surprises and Camille was lucky enough to be part of the greatest, most beautiful show ever.

The illustrations are quirky and lack perspective.  They are colourful and kid-friendly.  I like the positive message of getting out of your house and becoming aware of all the busyness and beautiful things that nature has to offer.  

This would be a great book to share before an outdoor exercursion whether from home or from a classroom.  Whether young or old we need to stop and take time to smell the roses.  

Storywrap Rating-  4 HUGS!!!!

Meet the Author

Mathieu Pierloot is an elementaryschool teacher in Brussels, Belgium. This is his first picture book to be published in English.

About the Illustrator

Living and working in BiaΕ‚owieΕΌa, in the middle of the oldest forest in Europe, Polish author and illustrator Maria Dek invites children to her favorite place—the undiscovered world of nature—in the pages of her books. Maria uses the traditional technique of watercolor to create her original, amusing, and expressive illustrations. She loves playing with the absurd and stirring the reader's imagination.

After earning art degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and University of the Arts, London, Maria wrote and illustrated her first children's picture book, En ForΓͺt (2016), which received a starred review in Kirkus. 

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