Tuesday, August 13, 2019

"My Teacher is a Robot" - a bookwrap

This book unleashes imaginations and allows kids to see boring school through brand new eyes!  Enjoy! 


"My Teacher is a Robot"

* Ages:  3-7
* Grade Level:  PS-2
* Hardcover:  40 pages
* Publisher:  Crown Books for Young Readers
* Pub. Date:  June 25, 2019
* Language:  English

Praise for "My Teacher is a Robot"

“An entertaining romp through the mind of a child who refuses to settle for boring.”  -Kirkus Reviews

“Sure to be a hit because of the large, colorful illustrations…. A great pick for a read-aloud to first and second graders who will understand the concept of not wanting to go to school but enjoying it anyway.” —School Library Journal

Unwrapping some fun illustrations for you to enjoy

Unwrapping the Storyline

This book was created by the author of the New York Times bestselling Jedi Academy books.  Fred balks and doesn't want to go to school because he thinks it's too boring.  Why would he want to leave his room that is filled full of robotic images, posters, dinosaurs, planets and a rug covered with toy dinosaurs?  His environment at home is exciting, futuristic, magical, and far from boring, unlike the environment of stupid old school.  

Fred's dad drops him off and yep, Fred's prediction is right... 

"Class is SO boring.  Everything Mr. Bailey says is robot talk."  

Fred's mind tunes out his teacher's monotone voice and drifts off to places unknown.  His imagination awakens and off he goes. It transforms school from humdrum into one of exhilaration. Yahooooo!  

At recess Fred and his friends morph into superheroes and battle mud monsters.  As the day progresses so does Fred's fantasies.  At the end of the day his creative writing assignment becomes a wordless compilation of robots, swords, medieval garb, dinosaurs and even unicorns.  Oh my, there is no end to where Fred's creative thinking skills can take him.  

The book depicts racial diversity and the comic-book-style illustrations are vibrant and explosive using strong colours.  Kids will find this book amusing as it celebrates the power of  make-believe.  Kids will be empowered to remake their own boring world into an exciting parallel one full of action and fun.   I like the book but I felt the storyline is not a strong one. 

Storywraps Rating - 4 HUGS!!!!!

Meet the author/illustrator

Jeffrey Brown is the author/illustrator of the New York Times bestselling Star Wars: Jedi Academy series and the Darth Vader series. He is also the author of the Lucy and Andy Neanderthal graphic novels for middle graders the picture book My Teacher is a Robot. Jeffrey resides in Chicago with his wife and two sons. You can visit him at jeffreybrowncomics.com.

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