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"Golden Threads" - a bookwrap

Kintsugi  ( noun ): The art of repairing cracked pottery, joining broken pieces with gold. 

The Author's Note


"Golden Threads" 

authored by Suzanne Del Rizzo 
illustrated by Miki Sato

* Ages:  4-8
* Grade Level:  1-2
* Hardcover:  32 pages
* Publisher:  Owlkids
* Pub. Date:  April 15, 2020
* Language:  English

Unwrapping Some Gorgeous Illustrations For You To Enjoy

The Book

This heartwarming book tells the story of Emi and her beloved stuffed fox. They are inseparable.  One day a huge storm arrives and her cherished fox is caught up in the severe weather assault and  is whisked away.  Little fox is battered, badly damaged, and all alone.  Where is his Emi? Why doesn't she come and find him?  

Fortunately an old man is out for a walk and discovers the fox's limp, tattered body. Tenderly he picks him and takes him back to his home and presents him to his granddaughter Kiko.  

Kiko recognizes his value.  Thus begins the long process of restoring him with tender loving care. 

She washes away the mud that is caked on him, plucks the seeds that are nestled deep in his fur and stitches him together with tiny golden stitches.  After many seasons pass she finally figures out his origin and she and her grandfather take him back to his dearly loved Emi.  The girls become friends and revel together in the fact that little fox is now very happy to be back home where he belongs.  

The book is reminiscence of "The Velveteen Rabbit" ( one of my favourites of all times) and the illustrations are gorgeous.  They enrich the story so much and I love them.  "Golden Threads" is inspired by the Japanese art form of kintsugi, or golden joinery, where broken pottery is repaired with resin painted gold. Kintsugi values repairing, rather than replacing, believing that the cracks give the broken item its story. This book is also a warm celebration of wabi-sabi, the Japanese idea that there is beauty in things that may be incomplete or imperfect.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating - 5 +++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author

SUZANNE DEL RIZZO began her career in picture books as the illustrator of the award-winning Skink on the Brink. She left scientific research to make children’s books, creating illustrations with polymer clay/mixed media. Suzanne’s author-illustrator debut, My Beautiful Birds, was a New York Times Notable Children’s Book and Malka Penn Award for Human Rights in Children’s Literature winner. Also the illustrator of the award-winning Sun Dog, Suzanne lives with her family in Oakville, Ontario.

About the Illustrator

MIKI SATO is a Japanese-Canadian freelance illustrator who graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design. She works with papers, fabrics, and surfaces to create three-dimensional illustrations. Miki was born in Ottawa, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario. Her work has appeared in publications including Today’s Parent, The Walrus, and Reader’s Digest.

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