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"Teddy Bear of the Year" - a bookwrap

Hi!  I'm Amena and this is Ollie my sweet, cuddly Teddy Bear.  We are best friends and inseparable.  This is Ollie's story.  Enjoy!  


Teddy Bear of the Year

Written by 

Illustrated by 
Sydney  Hanson

* Ages:  3-7
* Grade Level:  PS-2
* Hardcover: 40 pages
* Publisher:  Tundra Books
* Pub. Date:  January 21, 2020
* Language:  English

Editorial Reviews

"A kind, fuzzy story. . . . Sincerely celebrates kindness and comfort." --Kirkus Reviews

"VanSickle amuses with on-the-job lingo, and Hanson’s enchanted scenes highlight teddies’ ability to comfort." --Publishers Weekly

Unwrapping Some Sweet Illustrations

The Book

This sweet book is told through the eyes of an adorable little teddy bear named Ollie.  He is a devoted little guy who loves his owner Amena dearly.  He faithfully is there for her whenever she needs him and loves belonging to her alone.  

One night as they are cuddling beside each other in bed a large ship arrives outside her bedroom window captained by an old seasoned teddy named Snuggles...  The Snug for short.  He invites Ollie abroad and together they sail off to a fairy-tale-like setting that is located deep in the woods.  Ollie attends his first-ever teddy bear's picnic. 

He meets new friends of different shapes and sizes, eats delicious sweets, competes in a three-legged race and sings bearaoke.  How fun is that?  

After all the playful activities subside a ceremony occurs rewarding stars to those bears who deserve recognition for "excellence in teddy-care."  Ollie, although happy for those rewarded, believes that he is unworthy of receiving a coveted star for himself.  He thinks he has accomplished very little of significance to receive one.   Do you think he is wrong and perhaps all the kind things he does for Amena each day just might qualify him for a star too?  

The illustrations are wonderful.  They are created with a soft, muted pallet and have a dreamlike affect.  The positive message of being rewarded for acts of kindness is so well needed these days not only for cuddly teddy bears but for humans as well.  I highly recommend this book.  

Storywraps Rating. -  5+++ HUGS!!!!!

Meet the Author

Vikki VanSickle is the author of the acclaimed Clarissa books, including Words that Start with B, Love Is a Four-Letter Word and Days that End in Y. Vikki’s most recent middle grade novel, Summer Days, Starry Nights, has been called “summer reading at its best” and was a finalist for the Red Maple Award. After obtaining an MA in Children’s Literature from UBC, Vikki’s career began in bookselling at The Flying Dragon Bookshop, which earned her the 2011 CBA Young Bookseller of the Year award. Currently Vikki balances writing with her duties as the Marketing and Publicity Manager for Young Readers at Penguin Canada. Vikki lives with a cat named Barb who would prefer not to have to share the house with a sasquatch.

About the Illustrator

Sydney was raised in Minnesota alongside numerous pets and brothers. When she wasn't tunneling through snowdrifts or rescuing frogs from rain gutters, she was drawing. Her illustrations and paintings still reflect these early adventures and are marked by a love for animals and the natural world. In addition to her traditional illustrations Sydney is an experienced 2D and 3D production artist. In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles where she's worked for several animation shops including Nickelodeon and Disney Interactive. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and spending time outside with her adopted brother, a Labrador retriever named Cash.

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